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Experiment: Gravity Control

This is a totally magnetic experiment that, done right, will allow the top to spin for a long time or longer.

Charles Watson: I have been working tirelessly on getting the magnets to operate by themselves in a rotary motion. No battery only gravity and axial harmonic motion in a tensor magnetic field. Sounds like a complicated thing but it is really very simple.

That’s encouraging. If that spinning magnet top is tapping free energy and will only stop spinning by an outside force, then that’s an obvious path to gravity control.

We all love great cars of the combustion mode yet that spinning top is the signpost for electric magnet motor cars. Bye bye combustion.

Like Euler’s Disk, if you included the magnetic top designed to spin forever and put that power to Euler’s disc, would it spin forever? Probably not, they say eventually magnets lose their power. But with the magnetic top powering Euler’s disc and the ability to suck the power from that situation and store it for future work, woo woo!