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Man on the Moon & Aliens

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Buzz Aldrin has said many things, including, we’re not first somebody else is already here’.  Indicating, at least in his mind, he was on the moon.  Yet now he can’t remember.  A difficult figure to figure out.

Meanwhile, here’s a slice of astronaut, Ed Mitchell, where the moon is a given and he speaks of our friends topside, the folk from elsewhere.  Where he says, ‘aliens have visited the earth many times’.

Astronaut On Aliens

What if?  What if all this talk about contact and perhaps cooperation with suave and debonaire aliens allowed man to land on the moon, for real.  They took that aluminum foil castle and plopped it on the moon.  What if David is right and the moon walk was a scam?  Hard to believe other than evidence pouring in that it was a cold war plot.  But we live in a time when we should find out for sure and soon.