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The Big Collide

David Barclay and I have had many Skype conversations about the Hose Biggens, or, the Bose Higgens, the god particle they enjoy calling it. And from a scientific view, as they continue to search the secret of god, I guess maybe they’re getting close. Oops, something wrong here, all this evidence points to aliens posing […]


Now here’s a guy who can talk. And what he says is shocking if you believe. I don’t know what I believe. Actually it doesn’t qualify as breaking news but if you last for the entire presentation, surely, the least you will say is, huh? Some might even offer a wow.  

“Ex CIA Agent”

This guy’s message appears to be, the grip of government relaxing through attrition where a bunch of government stuff being paid for just isn’t needed anymore. Our interest of course is, the relaxation of black ops, classification, to the point at least that when some future great figure is honored, it was because of that […]

The Universe & God

As science searches for God or no god, this program puts forth interesting and perhaps lesser known theories.  

Knowledge Left Behind

An overview of ancients?

Message To Deep Agriculture

This is from David to Howard. Thought I could answer your question as to the connection between rock dust and gravity control…it’s an off chute of the science. If you have two different masses of the same material the smaller of the two will have the higher ratio of energy per unit of mass which […]

Everything You Know Is Wrong

As 2011 winds down or up, we are left with a single fact. Uh, look up there. This may be too unserious for some so you are forewarned. And as you know, being forewarned relates strongly to your forearm. Example? The arms of Tina Fey on the cover of her book. But nevermind that. As […]

What Is It?

Well, obviously it’s a really big ufo.  Shot in February 2010, this configuration has been seen from Moscow to South America and southeastern USA. those strange clouds are back