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Message To Deep Agriculture

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This is from David to Howard.

Thought I could answer your question as to the connection between rock dust and gravity control…it’s an off chute of the science. If you have two different masses of the same material the smaller of the two will have the higher ratio of energy per unit of mass which explains in part why rock dust stimulates plant growth and enriches the soil.

My interest in plant growth stimulants goes back to the late 60s when the first Apollo Mission returned lunar material to the Johnson Space Center for testing and evaluation. The first concern was to determine if the lunar material represented a threat the the earth’s ecology…one of the ways this material was tested was to pulverize a very small amount and place it in solution with water…in turn this solution was fed to plots planted with bean and corn seeds.

It had been my hope that this solution would produce accelerated plant growth which it did do but it also caused radical genetic deformities and cancerous growths on all the lunar solution treated plants. None of the lunar material was radioactive beyond what was considered normal background levels at the time. Nonetheless no one was prepared for this result and no one had an answer as to why the genetic deformities or the cancerous growths were occurring.

The control plots planted with bean and corn seeds grew in a normal fashion but at a much slower rate of growth.

For years I puzzled over this situation and during that time had been supplied with information and photos of the effected plants by NASA. After years of wear and tear from constant handling this material was eventually discarded believing it could easily be replaced. When I finally had this puzzle figured out I got in touch with the Canadian Space Agency and suggested this could be worth something to them in exchange for more frequent access to the space station and generally more involvement in the space program. I was soon informed that they had checked this out with NASA and discovered no such test results occurred…there was no puzzle to be solved, no genetic deformities and no cancerous growths. At first I thought this was simply a communication error and went to NASA’s web site to see for myself and sure enough they denied any ill effects of any kind having occurred in the various species of flora and fauna having been subjected to or injected with a solution containing finally pulverized lunar material.

Having been so keenly interested in this for so long and having seen the television special NASA ran on this very topic I was shocked to say the least that they had chosen to deny the effects originally documented.

Solving the puzzle gives the answer why…as there is a non-uniform energy differential existing between the earth and the moon, in fact there is a non-uniform energy differential existing between the earth and all other planetary bodies in space including the sun where the differential is huge.

Any non-uniform energy differential causes distortions to occur in the continuance of all physical structure which can show up in a variety of different forms including genetic alterations and cancer.

We seem to know very little about the earth’s internal structure and even less about the energy necessary to sustain the earth’s dynamic balance which is where the underground horticulture comes into the picture.

The underground growth chambers which are simply worked out areas of the mine affect the growth rate of plants with the rate of growth increasing with depth underground…to the extent that a 2 year old pine seedling can be produced in 14 weeks from seed which knocks 90 weeks off the normal time required to grow a 2 year old seedling with sufficient root growth to be transplanted to surface reclamation sites and survive. It has also been found that the seedlings grown underground are more resistant to fungus and disease than seedlings grown in greenhouses at the surface.

Rock dust quarried at surface provides both trace minerals and energy to plants to which it is applied…but if rock dust originated from rock mined deep underground it should not only provide trace minerals and energy but also provide a uniform energy differential sufficient to accelerate plant growth as has been demonstrated to occur in growth chambers situated at 1400 metres and 375 metres underground with the rate of accelerated plant growth increasing with depth underground.

The underlying energy of the planet increases to the center of the core whereby I have suggested that the inner core of the earth consists of a gaseous mixture rarefied to the center of the core in the form of hydrogen. At a later date this gas bubble idea at the core was verified by a gravity study carried out by an engineer working for the Boeing Company. Both part one and two of the Boeing Company study by Mike Gamble can be found on our web site with accompanying authorization from the Boeing Company. Mike presented both part 1 and part 2 of his study at a aerospace conference and was well received.

Although rock dust has a long history and underground horticulture in Canada began in 1979 there is no official explanation as to why plants grow at an accelerated rate deep underground or why rock dust should provide such a profound increase in plant health. I agree that trace minerals are both important and essential but there is also the factor of additional energy being involved…which is achieved by the simple process of pulverizing the rock to the consistency of a fine powder. The finer the grind the greater the ratio of energy per unit of mass…and in this respect I would speculate that the halving of the size of any rock particle will increase the ratio of energy per unit of mass 4 fold….which would suggest that rock dust packs quite a punch.

I base this on the little understood situation with gravity where if you double the distance between two bodies of mass there is a decrease in gravitational attraction proportional to the inverse square of the distance…but when you halve the distance between two bodies of mass there is an increase in gravitational attraction which works out to a factor of 4 as opposed to a factor of 2…which means the two are not equal. To date this remains an unsolved puzzle.

Many years ago Einstein suggested that perhaps gravity was not itself a force of any kind but simply the effect of a yet undiscovered underlying force. I believe the underlying energy sustaining the structural dynamics of all physical matter is that force which solves a lot of puzzles.

This would also suggest that what we refer to as energy is not energy at all as true energy is focused inward and never outward. What we presently refer to as energy is actually resistance…as an increase in mass effects a decrease in the ratio of energy per unit of mass and an increase in resistance to a further increase in energy. This seems quite clear when we apply this to the periodic table and realize that hydrogen has the highest ratio of energy per unit of mass of any known element which would explain why hydrogen constitutes roughly 75% of the physical matter of universe.

If we follow this line of thought we can see why hydrogen and oxygen are so important to life as these are both highly energized elements.

How this ties into gravity control has to do with affecting gravity by the controlled modulation of the underlying energy of an enclosed system operating independently of the field in which it operates. Any enclosed system exists as a unified field system unto itself whereby all other systems remain relative to the system of reference. It gets a bit more involved but that’s the basic idea. So no fuel is required in the form of a gas, liquid or solid.

The rock dust provides validity and credibility to some very basic ideas concerning the dynamic relationship of physical structure…and on top of that it is extremely interesting. The idea of multiple annual harvests of wheat, rice, beans and corn etc. would certainly be of some help in feeding an ever growing population…especially when such crops provide wholesome nutrition rich foods.

I hope this is some help in answering your question…all the best, David Barclay