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The Big Collide

The God Particle 300x300

David Barclay and I have had many Skype conversations about the Hose Biggens, or, the Bose Higgens, the god particle they enjoy calling it. And from a scientific view, as they continue to search the secret of god, I guess maybe they’re getting close. Oops, something wrong here, all this evidence points to aliens posing as gods. Not….God.

Apology to David for using the left insert which I sent to him suggesting he use it in his article. Although he smirked in a grimacing kind of way, I could tell that (and hopefully I’m right) he didn’t want the cartoon in his article.

From our conversations I can tell you now that David’s article will question the CERN. My question for cern is, why aren’t you doing this on another planet, preferably lifeless, far away from here.