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Everything You Know Is Wrong

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As 2011 winds down or up, we are left with a single fact. Uh, look up there. This may be too unserious for some so you are forewarned. And as you know, being forewarned relates strongly to your forearm. Example? The arms of Tina Fey on the cover of her book.
But nevermind that.
As we end the year and anticipate 2012, is it any wonder that this holiday season is the biggest spending spree ever. Since the movie 2012, released in 2011, with a happy ending sort of, much of our society has embraced the end of the world, hence, the big spending spree.

On a serious note, things look crappy. Which harkened me back to The Firesign Theatre’s album release with the above title.

Best of The Season To All