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For those who enjoy roundtable discussions, it’s like TV Wrestling. In this case it’s rising from the suppression of trying to be entrepreneurial and speaking of subjects that help lead the way and break science precepts that are wrong. [embedded content]

Elon Musk Announcement

Will it be the magnet motor that will set electric cars and other vehicles to freedom? Will it be an amazing new lease agreement. Stay tuned.  Elon’s big announcement is slated for August 12th.  Elon says: “Will publish Hyperloop alpha design by Aug 12. Critical feedback for improvements would be much appreciated.” When we know […]

How To Harness Magnet Energy

Our guest writer, Liz Nelson, puts forth her views. How to Harness Magnetic Energy Magnetic energy is utilized on a regular basis. You see its effects in automobiles, computers, television speakers and more every day. Based on theories created by Nikola Tesla, moving a magnet continuously past tightly wound copper coils can create a form […]

Einstein Was Wrong

When Einstein realized his initial perception of universe was wrong he referred to it as his greatest blunder…he had initially thought the universe to be static and then discovered it was dynamic and expanding at an ever increasing rate…the expansion of universe is accelerating.  However, he failed to point out that his constant c could […]

Autism & Pharmaceuticals

No doubt of the success of penicillin. Also, the polio shot I took at age six with the prime directive of arresting a stable polio virus. Those were the days. But our pharmaceutical saviors have been a business since before the thirties and they have rendered horrendous levy on people who may have been designated […]

Quantum Levitation: Will It Lead To Hoverboards

We welcome Eve Pearce, Guest Writer. Eve’s Quote Zone Quantum Levitation: Will it Ever Lead to Hover-Boards? The Back to the Future trilogy had the public’s imagination running wild when the films were first released, with people eagerly anticipating the day when mankind would be able to harness antigravity technology to fly around on hover-boards. […]

Entrepreneurship Suppression

When we began The Quest For Gravity Control, we thought we’d be welcomed with open arms. We soon learned the opposite was true. This video covers free energy but also suggests something….uh, possibly scummy? Thanks spellcheck. I mean, scammy. I hope I’m wrong but because the guest waffles over what the thing is, if you […]