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Autism & Pharmaceuticals

No doubt of the success of penicillin.
Also, the polio shot I took at age six with the prime directive of arresting a stable polio virus.
Those were the days.

But our pharmaceutical saviors have been a business since before the thirties and they have rendered horrendous levy on people who may have been designated to save the world from pharmaceuticals.
Guys like Royal Raymond Rife, and Otto Warberg, the discoverer of oxygen therapy, a poison to all viruses, viri?
They were honored, then cut from the pharmaceutical-doctor relationship because Big Pharm knew that to continue to honor these men meant an end to the whole chemical pharmaceutical doctoring industry, so they destroyed them in favor of better living through chemistry.
Before I begin to spout about psychotropic drugs and kids in gun free zones, coming up, Paul Joseph Watson sitting in for Alex Jones from London.
This is like a double feature program,
the autism and pharmaceuticals is the main attraction here as the second feature while the lead item is about the 23 executive orders to deal with gun confiscation and the potential of civil war if the government doesn’t back off.
So stay tuned for the vaccine hoax. But first….

2nd Feature Aut & Pharm