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When we began The Quest For Gravity Control, we thought we’d be welcomed with open arms. We soon learned the opposite was true.

This video covers free energy but also suggests something….uh, possibly scummy? Thanks spellcheck. I mean, scammy.
I hope I’m wrong but because the guest waffles over what the thing is, if you watch the whole video, it’s a ‘hope factor’ but it doesn’t really look to me that there is an actual device.

Some people are truly gifted in knowing how to raise money.

On the positive side the conversation speaks of a future that reveals a new power source that will change the world.  He must be speaking of a  a magnet motor.  The quality of magnetics.  Sounds vaguely like the WMM, the Watson Magnet Motor, Charles, take note. From 0.42:30

The Quest For Gravity Control IS The Goal