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Our thanks to Turtle Read Dave for the following. To me these bells have a calming aspect and only seeing the mallet and bowls as the  focus seems somehow centering, also some of the lingering resonances. Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife and John Keely, that’s John Ernst Worrel Keely….they were the experts of frequency.  Tesla […]

Invasion of The Body Snatchers

As I speak, this film is showing on Cinemax. A story about alien invasion but I don’t think anyone has made a more intriguing example including HG Well’s War of the Worlds. Great title huh? Both of them. War of the Worlds and Invasion of the Body Snatchers This movie is not about friendly […]

LHC plans full power experiments at the end of 2012

Why are all scary scenarios focused on December 2012 ?A high voltage particle collider like the LHC is anexcellent representation of mankind’s tendency toprefer violent action to holistic understanding.Just look at the way scientific curiosity was satisfiedfrom the very start.Biology evolved by killing the animal and dissecting it,and our first exploration into the area of chemistryresulted in […]

Electric Cars

I recall searching and finding a five passenger sedan that would do 500k and had a top speed of 120k.  It was a Chinese electric car running on lead acid batteries.  But that vehicle seems to have slipped below the horizon. Meanwhile, new electric cars are surging from all over the planet. The timing for […]

The Holiday Season

This is a reprint of our blog posted December 20, 2005. Do Aliens Celebrate Christmas?

Veggies That Look Like What They’re Good For

This may seem on the one hand totally illogical but there is scientific evidence to support the premise that if a kidney bean looks like a kidney it’s good for your kidneys.  Similarly, ginseng litterally means, man root, because it has the shape of a man, and the list of ails ginseng is given credit […]

Antigravity, the movie

Where is the movie called Antigravity?  It was supposed to be released on the eighth day of the eighth month in this year, 2008. In our old blog we said it looks like the blockbuster of 2008. Gravity Control at that time was in touch with the director of the film. So now, does anyone […]

Climate Change

Some prefer to call it global warming, while others are attempting to convince the world that by cutting back on carbon emissions a crisis can be avoided. Climate change runs in cycles and for the most part such changes are driven by the sun in relation to relative differentials in energy existing between the earth […]