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The Truth About Gravity

Gravity is one of those things we take for granted, but don’t know much about….not even what it is.

We consider gravity a weak force,  but gravity is not a force, not even a weak one.  No, gravity is not itself a force of any kind, but simply a dynamic response to an underlying force of energy.

So gravity is an effect and not the cause of anything……no gravitons, no gravity waves, none of it.

Gravity is simply a dynamic effect….the acceleration of gravity is the acceleration of the underlying force of energy focused to the center of a mass.  In a round about fashion gravity is a no show, as there is no separate force or cause called gravity, just a dynamic effect we have chosen to call gravity.

Some refer to the speed of gravity, but like light gravity does not have a speed, at least not a linear based speed.  Therefore gravity is not in linear motion.

The control of gravity in relation to anti-gravity or gravity control is said to be impossible.  In some respects this is true, because gravity cannot be affected directly,  as the control of gravity requires us to modulate the underlying force of energy in order to affect gravity.

Newton’s idea of gravity being a force acting at a distance is simply not true, as gravity itself is not a force which makes it very difficult for gravity to  be a force acting at a distance.

If we consider that gravity decreases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance going away from the point of reference,   but increases at double the rate coming toward the point of reference it is possible to understand the underlying force of energy accelerating in the inbound direction and decelerating in the outbound direction.

Therefore the underlying force of energy focused to the center of the earth’s core is accelerating at an ever increasing rate of acceleration while at the same time decelerating isometrically at an ever increasing rate of deceleration, which allows for this difference in gravity coming and going.

This in turn gives us the perception of an expanding universe, a universe acceleratively expanding.

And the accelerative rate of expansion increases with distance, which corresponds to the rate of acceleration associated with the underlying force of energy focused to the center of the earth’s core.

So boldly simple, yet so amazingly perfect.

In effect there is no such thing as gravity, as it is impossible to separate the effect from the cause.

In our science text books it describes gravity increasing to the center of the earth, which is quite a bold statement due to the fact that we are limited to the external portion of the earth and have no access to the internal portion of the earth.

If we dig a hole in the ground we are no further ahead in understanding the internal dynamics of the earth as all our digging has done is extend the external dynamics inward.  No amount of digging, drilling or blasting will allow us access to the internal dynamics of the earth’s internal structure.

It would make more sense if the internal and external dynamics of the earth were inversely proportional, which is exactly what our perception of gravity suggests.

Gravity does not increase to the center of the earth from the surface curve but in fact decreases from the surface curve to the center of the core just as it decreases isometrically from the surface curve into space.

Gravity at the center of the earth’s core is zero, but the center of the core the acceleration of the underlying force of energy is at its peak.  This would suggest that the internal dynamics are proportional to the external dynamics providing for the stability of the earth’s physical structure.

In his gravity study, Michael Gamble from the Boeing Company found that the best fit for the earth’s structure was a thin crust and a hollow core.  This corresponds to my suggestion that the core of the earth is gaseous and rarefied to the center of the core in the form of hydrogen.

This places a huge energy potential within the core of the earth, which corresponds to the visible condition of universe existing today.

The space and time of universe is the product of the underlying force of energy I refer to as non-linear time field frequency acceleration focused to the core of the earth.

In terms of a non-linear relationship there is as much space and time on the inside of the earth as there is on the outside…..where the internal dynamics and the external dynamics remain proportional.

Gravity is in fact accelerating in two opposite directions, both inward to the surface curve and outward to the surface curve, where gravity is highest across the surface curve.  And across the surface curve gravity increases from the poles to the equator.

A well balanced structure indeed.