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I’m trying to write something positive here

I remain an optimist but to counter that, a lot is going on right now attacking the promise, the empathy and honour of we earthlings. I can make a list of bad stuff but why bother. We all know what’s good and what’s bad. Many times during the time of this blog and site, I’ve […]

Everything We Know Is Wrong

For those who haven’t seen it this may be an unsettling film. So what. Press on. It’s good.  

To: Professor Hal Puthoff

Dear Dr Hal, I’ve received numerous emails from people who think they are writing to you. I recall our association when I asked if I might write about you and you said, yes. The Amazing Dr Hal Here’s a recent example from someone who thinks I’m you. Dear Prof Hal I have just come across […]


Is Vimanas plural or singular, one vimana, several vimanas. ? Mentioned in this interesting compilation is that Vimanas were the gravity control of the time, about six thousand years ago. And although we didn’t know it at the time, the quest for gravity control may be very old. In this case, swirling mercury, Schauberger Ish. […]

More From Paul Hellyer

This speech from Paul Hellyer covers a lot before he speaks of aliens and it’s all pretty good. Note the applause when he speaks of what’s going wrong re what’s happening. And finally speaks of his knowledge of aliens and other subjects. You gotta wonder why the former defence minister of Canada would speak of […]

Not UFOs

I used to think for a brief moment that Germany created the ufos we see today. My pal Steve Bucek reminded me of the real history of spirits in the sky with examples like this. and this   Just outside Bangkok

The Tragedy Of Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer’s Water Car.   Conventional opinion suggests Stanley Meyer was murdered for his invention. [embedded content]

Big Ad For Ron Paul

Aside from personally being a Ron Paul fan, I think this eleven minute snappy ad pulls all or most of Dr. Paul’s platform together so that you can see where he’s coming from. To me, Obama and those lovable other GOP candidates speak the rhetorical party line. Judge for yourself.