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Back Engineering a UFO Type Craft

It would appear that back engineering a UFO type craft is the ultimate goal of the military black ops, but there seems to be a problem in achieving such a goal. In as much as a crashed UFO might be of some assistance the task is nonetheless a huge challenge, as not only is the […]

Christians get ready for ET

This was also reported on our previous blog as Vatican Hails Aliens.

UK Releases UFO Files

Two years on the heels of the French government, on May 14,2008, the British government announced the release of all its ufo files. This actually means the files from the seventies onwards as previous files were destroyed due to archive costs. The following interview chats about what’s in the releases. Although strange craft […]

7 Ways to Antigravity

7 methods to generate gravity control. The question is, is Unity one of the methods described? Or does Unity make it eight.


By Tim Ventura & Eric Davis, PhD – February 4th, 2005 (American AntiGravity site): Dr. Eric Davis is a physicist specializing in Breakthrough Propulsion & Power Physics and Astrophysics at the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin/EarthTech International, Inc. He’s agreed to speak with us about his past experiences in breakthrough physics research, as well […]