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To: Professor Hal Puthoff

Dear Dr Hal, I’ve received numerous emails from people who think they are writing to you.

I recall our association when I asked if I might write about you and you said, yes.
The Amazing Dr Hal

Here’s a recent example from someone who thinks I’m you.

Dear Prof Hal

I have just come across your website “Gravity Control” and I firmly believe in your statement “Gravity Control is a matter of time”. Please find enclosed my hypothesis on how everything is interconnected. It is my original work and it takes a totally new perspective on quantum gravity. I have just update(d) this to include an explanation for the Casimir effect.Through my hypothesis I have also thought of a practical method to produce gravity disruption / reduction / anti-gravity for which I have written a patent format.

I enclose the version in word format but it can also been viewed on the following link which is constantly being updated.

I would be honored to learn of your opinion regarding the above and perhaps help me put mathematics into my hypothesis. If you feel there is merit in my hypothesis then I would like to discuss with you my method to produce gravity reduction. Many thanks.

Kind regards

Pal Sahota

When Dr Hal and I spoke, it was after his 20 years of remote viewing. He explained that he was kind of a middleman for new ideas.

Ten years ago I couldn’t sell Dr Hal on the idea of gravity control. He already knew.

The quest for gravity control continues.