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Royal Raymond Rife

Few people know the name, Royal Raymond Rife, but he was probably the 20th century’s greatest scientist.  Here’s an article on him by Jeff Rense. Royal Raymond Rife

the movie

Gravity Control Org began with the idea of filming an antigravity presentation and putting it out to the world before anyone might say, hey, these guys are doing it.  That way, the entire process would be in the public domain for anyone who’d care to take part.  Obviously there’s nothing wrong with the idea of […]

the missing bees

If it is true that 80% of American honeybees have gone missing and that it appears to relate to the North American frequency for cell phones, this will be seen as a huge out of pocket and advancement of mobiles. Sure, you can change your phone to a new safe for bees frequency but likely […]

The Core

It is presently accepted that gravity increases to the center of the earth’s core, which would place a significant gravity well on the head of a pin located at the center of the earth’s core. It is also accepted that the earth’s core consists of a sold or liquid metallic mass of iron and or […]

do aliens celebrate Christmas

Apparently it is now politically correct to refer to Christmas and New Year as The Holiday Season. To not offend who? Whom? Christians must be a tad miffed. Wishing You All good thoughts and good wishes come true