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Gravity Control Org began with the idea of filming an antigravity presentation and putting it out to the world before anyone might say, hey, these guys are doing it.  That way, the entire process would be in the public domain for anyone who’d care to take part.  Obviously there’s nothing wrong with the idea of gravity control which would solve our combustion problem and our not getting to the stars with rockets.

Meanwhile back here on Earth, not one enviro org speaks of saving the planet by employing antigravity.  Sun, wind and water is what they understand, something that offers no harm to the planet.

This whole idea is of course a noble cause and they understand that combustion is our undoing.  But they don’t make the leap.  Of faith?  I don’t have faith.  I have hope.  But neither faith nor hope are evident.  More of one of panic.  Yet it’s our job as folk who understand the incredible possibilities of gravity control, to remind our green ambitious brothers and sisters that altho money is to be made it’s not the criteria for the quest for gravity control.

The quest right now is to get environmentalist to take note of the idea of gravity control.  To fathom its superiority and get on board or you’re out of the environ business.  Not really, there’s room for all forms of energy, including the underlying force which has long been discovered to power whatever we want.  Our space buddies already know that the aether powers the universe and the idea of fuel is foreign to them.

The making of the movie requires someone to come forth with a working model of gravity control.  Something we’ve never achieved.  What we have is a theory that challenges the senses and for that reason our job to get to the green guys is even more important.  If we can get antigravity on the books we will be able to leap the hardware hurdle and move everything forward, a lot.

So continue to protest to the green sites, that you don’t see antigravity as a viable alternative.

The Quest For Gravity Control