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the missing bees

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If it is true that 80% of American honeybees have gone missing and that it appears to relate to the North American frequency for cell phones, this will be seen as a huge out of pocket and advancement of mobiles.

Sure, you can change your phone to a new safe for bees frequency but likely you’ll just buy a new phone.

Let’s hope it works. Or, as Einstein says, once the bees are gone we only have four years to live. I’d say, five. Then it would coincide with 2012, the ominous date when the Maya calendar ends. Which can be taken many ways including this.

We THINK David broke the story to the media since his first observation was in January this year. America is now importing bees from Australia.

North America and perhaps western Europe are on the same frequency but Asia is not. An Asian mobile phone won’t work in America and vice versa, unless of course the phone possesses two systems.

What if this discovery that the mobile phone system is killing our bees is true?

Then we’ll just have to change the frequency or die.

First, it would be interesting if due to the different frequency in Asia, bees were unaffected. We don’t know that yet. If the frequency theory is indeed affecting bees in America but not in Asia, might just be something there.

Or not. Could be something we just haven’t thought about yet.

The late great Buckminster Fuller, Mr geodesic dome, the home with no corners but what a structure, also said that we live on Space Ship Earth and without having to get off the planet we are already travelling in space. Like Tesla, Fuller believed that we could control our planet as if it were a car. Zoom out of the way of potential deep impacts.

As we get further along with gravity control and all its components, this shouldn’t be too hard.