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A Serious Challenge To Greens

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I find it almost absurd that many greens are against new energy, when the concept of new energy is to provide green alternatives to big oil and nuclear fuel.

There is a psychological block in the way of progress, which might have something to do with conformity and the opinion of the majority.

Therefore education is key to understanding the situation as it exists today, but if we take a closer look at education we find it slanted in favor of big oil and the nuclear agenda.

So it should come as no surprise that greens, (educated people), should be dismissing new energy concepts as a waste of time and money.

No way for new energy to compete with that kind of mass conditioning.

Nonetheless we continue on, with the likes of Watson’s magnetic motor waiting to be considered as a candidate to replace big oil and the nuclear agenda.

A no fuel system with no pollution to speak of other than a battery.  The magnetic motor, which is self regulating keeps the battery charged under load.

The question that only research and development can answer is whether a bigger magnetic motor and a bigger battery could power a car?

How will we know unless we try and find out…to investigate and inquire, to build and construct, to test and evaluate.

The future is going to be exactly what we the people make it, nothing more and nothing less.