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UFOs & Flying Saucers

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It seems almost unbelievable that there are still people attempting to debunk UFOs.

At the same time there is a wealth of disinformation being peddled concerning UFOs and UFO abductions. And of course this is a very profitable business for some of the big names in the UFO field.

Then there are those who want us to believe they have personally been involved in black ops attempting to back engineer a UFO. Something the government and the military view as top secret information, but these whistle blowers can say anything they want.

Yes, they can say anything they want as long as they don’t come up with any actual evidence, because producing evidence is viewed as a breach of national security, something which is definitely not encouraged.

Some would have us believe that UFO are fueled by an exotic unstable element, such as element 115, but as long as it falls under the heading of disinformation it’s okay with the security crowd.

So how do you discern disinformation from the real thing?

A difficult call if you haven’t read the UFO Operators Manual and looked under the heading of “energy requirements.” And even if you did have the Operators Manual open to the page covering energy requirements you might find it difficult to understand, as there is no reference to fuel capacity or the type of fuel required. In fact it would appear no fuel of any kind is mentioned.

This might cause some to suspect this may not be an actual UFO Operators Manual, but more disinformation or an outright hoax. But if a UFO is as exotic as we might suspect it may not require a fuel supply. In fact fuel might not be a reasonable consideration in relation to the function of a UFO.

UFO are capable of interstellar access, which is far beyond anything we are even capable of considering in light of our existing knowledge of time and space. So it would seem reasonable to anticipate something quite unexpected in the way of “energy requirements.”

If no fuel is required, but an exotic form of energy which is actually invisible. the whole idea might represent a very difficult selling job.

The good news is that the exotic form of energy required is not so exotic after all, in fact it’s available everywhere and anywhere throughout the universe. In fact UFOs in the form of flying saucers of extraterrestrial origin produce their own energy supply as required.

In fact this is the very same energy that sustains and perpetuates all physical structure including our planet earth, the moon and sun. Consequently there is no shortage of the needed energy.

All that is required is a frame by which to focus the energy of universe, in relation to a unified field system capable of modulating the underlying energy remaining relative to it. It’s that simple.