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Jim Olivas

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Hellyer – I believe, ufo update

This may not be gravity control per se but it’s good theatre. Actually, more than good theatre the above is quite… Read More »Hellyer – I believe, ufo update

The Machine Small

the Clem motor

These are the pictures of Viktor Schauberger’s work that probably runs on the same principal as the Clem engine Also see “Clem Motor Explained”… Read More »the Clem motor

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By Tim Ventura & Eric Davis, PhD – February 4th, 2005 (American AntiGravity site): Dr. Eric Davis is a physicist specializing in Breakthrough Propulsion &… Read More »Propulsion

Unity Img Blog


Nikola Tesla died before he could give the world his knowledge of gravity control. It was wartime 1943 and the FBI was seizing everything Tesla-related… Read More »Tesla