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Veljko Milkovic – scientist, Antigravity,

Veljko Milkovic is a hero in his home town of Novi Sad, Serbia. And for good reason. Veljko has conceived of and constructed new eco homes there, warmer in winter and still warm for the cool evenings of a Novi Sad summer. His books, Antigravity Motor, Towards anti-gravitation – compact vehicles, Perpetuum mobile and others have resulted in the antigravity cart, a vehicle with a single or double off center pendulum.

Milkovic builds his own devices and complains about a decline in the art and elegance of mechanical devices of yesteryear. When asked if he grew up near Nikola Tesla’s birthplace he replied, ‘Related to your question about Tesla’s and my birth place, I forgot to say to you that my parents were born and lived in the region of Lika (today Croatia), the same region where Tesla was born and lived. So it could be said we are countrymen.’

Near Milkovic’s town of Novi Sad there stands a most incredible edifice calle Petrovaradin Fortress. At the moment the Petrovaradin fortress is a magnificent but relatively undiscovered relic of monumental proportions with vast underground caverns said to reach as far as 20km. Veljko wants to make it as popular as the pyramids. An idea that would prove of economic benefit to the people of Novi Sad. And if he can pull off his vision, first to the world scientific community to investigate the catacombs, his idea of a Serbian Disney-esque Ancient Land might just do wonders for the Serbian Tourist Bureau. But the Petrovaradin Fortress is real. Not a Disney creation.

Researcher, inventor, innovator and writer, Milkovic has amassed 110 inventions and 36 approved patents to date. His most recent experiments in single and double mechanical oscillations have produced a pump that returns 12 times the energy required to operate the unit. ‘Push down once with one finger and it pumps liters into your bucket.’ Is the pendulum at it’s height and does the pushing of the button release the pendulum from its height? If this is true does the energy required to once again raise the pendulum get factored in to the 12 times energy return? Milkovic’s reponse was that the pendulum was activated by hand and although measurements may not be critically exact, they definitely indicate more energy out than in.

It is said that during the time of Einstein many other scientists would prove things mathematically but never actually do experiments. If the math proved it, it must be true. Veljko Milkovic points to an error in judgement for anyone to simply accept the calculus as absolute proof. This is where his ability to build contraptions of his mind exhibits an artistic craftsmanship. His mechanical devices are one of a kind and like modern works of art, just as so many machines and gadgets of the past have become.

In 2006, Veljko Milkovic became an academician and full member of two Serbian Academies; Serbian Academy of Innovation Sciences and Serbian Academy of Inventors and Scientists.

The American dream came true – it can be said that the American dream came true for Veljko Milkovic since he realized his invention in the USA even without being present and going there thanks to the internet and modern communication among people in the world.

Since 2006, a lot of researchers around the world started experimenting with Veljko’s invention -the two-stage mechanical oscillator (pendulum-lever system) and most of them are from the USA.

They confirmed Veljko’s claims and proved there is a mechanical energy excess in his pendulum gravity machine.

So far, the biggest model was made by Raymond Head of Texas (USA) Video

Former NASA physicist, Brian Berrett wrote a book where he dedicated a few pages to Veljko Milkovic and his replica work on Veljko’s two-stage oscillator. Link

Nikola Tesla’s and Veljko Milkovic’s relatives were neighbors – recently we discovered one interesting fact; we found an old map from Military Encyclopedia, Volume 3 (page 394, Belgrade 1960) showing that less than 1km far away from Nikola Tesla’s birthplace – Smiljan, there was a village called Milkovica varos where Veljko Milkovic’s relatives from father’s side used to live in the 19th century and earlier.

We salute Veljko Milkovic, not just for helping to help save mechanics as artists of the world, but also for his ingenious and artful ways of displaying principles without fuel or magnets or springs or batteries. And the truly astounding idea of using the leading edge of inertia as an energy source to be scaled up.

Gravity Control is a matter of time.
Anti-gravity technology research in electromagnetic propulsion and other technologies is under development, and we would like to document its discovery.