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Check out Tom Delonge

I just watched the Joe Rogan Experience with guest, Tom Delonge. It’s a little bit hard to believe this guy at least on one level, where he keeps saying, I can’t tell you or talk about that.  Degrading his credibility as a spokesman for gravity control as well as being a producer, director, writer of […]

UFOs And Gravity Control

I’m a Joe Rogan fan for his incredible ability of understanding and conveying myriad topics in no holds barred full colour conversation.  His podcast may be the most popular in the world today.  They go for as long as three hours or more, no breaks, other than pee breaks and sometimes a moment to spark […]

Addendum: Quest For GC

This was deemed a security risk.  No big deal. Feb 16, 2017, holy shit.  So much is happening.  Trump is president.  Ok, yeah, maybe now the suppression ceases, at least a little. As stated in that last date, if you follow these links you’ll know what we know. snd Basically, it’s a compendium […]

AAA Barclay 4D Perfect Pixles Copy

AAA Barclay 4D Perfect Pixles Copy


Max Keiser is a most entertaining entrepreneur. He and host and wife, Stacy Herbert, are a great balance. He goes nuts she chuckles then carries on with the essence of their topic. They make tragedy comical, live on RT. They speak of world finance and where it’s at and while the people may feel dumbed […]

I’m trying to write something positive here

I remain an optimist but to counter that, a lot is going on right now attacking the promise, the empathy and honour of we earthlings. I can make a list of bad stuff but why bother. We all know what’s good and what’s bad. Many times during the time of this blog and site, I’ve […]

Everything We Know Is Wrong

For those who haven’t seen it this may be an unsettling film. So what. Press on. It’s good.