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No, not the new book, Unity The Mission, soon to arrive on your doorstep.

But this is one of those shameful exercises to alert you to the new book by introducing the original book to hopefully a whole new audience.

Unity Introduction
Ever since Newton formulated his gravitational theory we have accepted the simple contention that gravity increases to the center of the Earth and inversely decreases from the center of the Earth in a manner whereby the force of attraction decreases in proportion to the inverse square of the distance.
Yet, if you think about this seemingly rational idea you have to ask how this could possibly be true?
Einstein suggested that gravity was not itself a force but an effect corresponding to the curvature of the four-dimensional space/time world. But we still contend the Earth’s greatest gravitational potential to be located at the center of the Earth.
Newton based his theory on some very fancy footwork, which necessitated the invention of calculus. And up to this point the apparent rational logic of his mathematical innovations are considered to be beyond question, as the numbers don’t lie. But despite the accuracy of the mathematical calculations the idealistic legitimacy of linear based geometry being capable of accurately describing the dimensional properties of our planet is extremely doubtful.
It would seem logically apparent that the inner core of the Earth must be smaller than the Earth itself, but the rational logic of such an assumption is based upon a numerical system intended to satisfy the needs of trade and commerce, which involves a linear based system of accounting.
This system has also been applied to geometry, whereby the linear dimensions of a static geometric form are assumed to conform to the dynamic properties of the Earth, Sun and Moon. Consequently Newton was able to convince his colleagues that the force of gravity increases to the center of the Earth.

Unity The Book