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UNITY – The Book


Ever since Newton formulated his gravitational theory we have accepted the simple contention that gravity increases to the center of the Earth and inversely decreases from the center of the Earth in a manner whereby the force of attraction decreases in proportion to the inverse square of the distance…

Newton based his theory on some very fancy footwork, which necessitated the invention of calculus. And up to this point the apparent rational logic of his mathematical innovations are considered to be beyond question, as the numbers don’t lie. But despite the accuracy of the mathematical calculations the idealistic legitimacy of linear based geometry being capable of accurately describing the dimensional properties of our planet is extremely doubtful.

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Excerpt from chapter one

….an astronomer shows us photographs taken of a distant galaxy and assures us that this is a photograph of an event which occurred billions of years ago. They want us to believe that it should be possible to take a picture of something that happened billions of years ago, despite the fact that we are not yet capable of taking a picture of something which happened last week, unless of course the picture was taken last week.

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Excerpt from chapter two

The intentional distortion of fact concerning this scientific data has directly affected the advancement of science and technology over the course of the last several decades, as it is impractical and somewhat irrational to participate in solving a problem that does not exist. Today most scientists are convinced that no structural alterations or adverse effects resulted from exposure to or the injection of lunar material.

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Excerpt from chapter three

“….what if we had it all back to front and time was not an effect of space and motion? What if space and motion were the relative effect of time?

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Excerpt from chapter four

“The shape of the xylem cell is similar to the disc shape of the nickel/cobalt magnets employed in an (ntffa) modulator, including a hole in the center. The hole in the center of each xylem cell allows for the passage of fluid from one cell to the next, while the hole in the center of the alloy discs allows them to be fastened to a control arm by means of a mounting pin. And in respect to either system, involving xylem cells and alloy discs, they can be tilted in a manner allowing for the focusing of field.

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Excerpt from chapter five

“Time is an accelerating force and as such does not correspond to clocks and watches. Time moves fast and time moves slow, but it is in a constant state of non-linear motion, which is either accelerating or decelerating in terms of a relative condition of universe remaining relative to the system of reference.

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Excerpt from chapter six

“The problem is that modern science insists on defining mass in terms of a singular linear format, whereby everything that exists must exist in the present or it simply does not exist. The idea of a continuance causes some scientists to become extremely defensive, as they are determined to hold on to their singular format, which allows them to define the present moment in terms of an objective reality.

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Excerpt from chapter seven

“…the negative effects of nuclear weapons testing is as effective as nuclear weapons employed in actual combat operations. In fact the testing of nuclear weapons can be accurately described as a direct assault or attack upon the human condition and the planet.”

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Excerpt from chapter eight

“Up to this point in history we have considered the linear mass of an atom to represent a ratio of linear based energy but such a ratio of energy to mass does not exist. We have confused energy with resistance in an attempt to explain the potential of energy inherent to each atomic element.

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Excerpt from chapter nine

“Despite what you may have been told there are no benefits nor are there any future benefits to be derived from a nuclear agenda, whether for peaceful purposes or for war. The contention that nuclear power might provide for the security of the western world is a lie and there is no security in a lie.

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Excerpt from chapter ten

“Whether we find ourselves in the past or the future we will always perceive ourselves to exist in the present moment, which is beneficial to our survival. In this respect is it important to consider the survival factor as our perceptions of reality are coordinated to accommodate for our existence and our ability to survive.

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Excerpt from chapter eleven

“It is based upon a desire to rationalize our existence in terms of a linear based format attempting to objectively materialize the fabric of universe, whereby, limiting our ability to comprehend the dynamic force of nature affecting our existence.

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Excerpt from chapter twelve

“A great deal of effort is being expended in attempting to develop what is referred to as a quantum computer, but I wonder if the computer people know what a quantum computer will actually look like or how it will actually function? I suppose if they did they would be well on their way to delivering such a system to the computer market.

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Excerpt from chapter thirteen

“Up to this point we have used a variety of methods to turn a turbine, in that the turning of the turbine provides a factor of resistance affecting the generation of electrical current. But the turning of a turbine does not affect an increase in energy as the turning of a turbine affects an increase in resistance and a decrease in energy relative to the field in which the turbine is turning, which indicates that we have been producing electricity in a back to front manner.

Consequently it would appear that we have been doing a lot of unnecessary work by building dams, coal and gas fired generating stations and nuclear power plants.

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Excerpt from chapter fourteen

“If we can develop an efficient method by which to transmute atomic elements there will be no shortage of raw materials by which to manufacture the products of our industry. And if we can develop new methods by which to grow food crops there will be no shortage of food by which to feed the world.

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Excerpt from chapter fifteen

“Time is the only dynamic force determining the condition of universe and you might think that this should be obvious and somewhat self evident, but it is not. We have bought into this linear concept to such an extent that we can read from a book on one hand and hold a telescope to our eye on the other without distinguishing the motion of time affecting the condition of universe.

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Excerpt from chapter sixteen

“Stop and consider, on the basis of light speed, that you can observe a star system 14 light years away, another system 100 light years away, another a million light years away and so on; in that this is believed to be the time it took for the light of each system to reach the lens of our telescope. And considering the variation in their locations over the course of the various time periods you end up with a very complicated mess.

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Excerpt from chapter seventeen

“Without realizing it, we have restricted ourselves in a very confining manner, as we have felt it necessary to argue and fight over the available resources. But if there is no limit to the available resources, in terms of both energy and material, there is no reason to argue and fight.

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Gravity Control is a matter of time.
Anti-gravity technology research in electromagnetic propulsion and other technologies is under development, and we would like to document its discovery.