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Quaint Combustion System Still Big Winner

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In the movie, Syriana, the price of a gallon of gasoline was 20 dollars. In real life, a recent prediction suggested a hundred dollars a barrel and 4 dollars a gallon. This has now come true and the new prediction is ten dollars a gallon

To counteract the cost of gasoline, fuel is now being created from corn and other food. This is driving the cost of food up worldwide. It’s now becoming obvious that to convert food into fuel is simply a bad idea.

Expecting the oil and transportation industries to take the lead on promoting gravity control as the new and non polluting propulsion system for the world is the obvious answer. Unfortunately, too obvious. And the world is now too jaded to believe that an oil company would offer to help lead us out of our polluting plight by spearheading gravity control.

And so we press on. If the government has it they aren’t bringing antigravity into the mix. At least not right now. Since now is when we need it perhaps private citizens of the world who can help forward gravity control can be jostled into awareness that

Gravity Control