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Under the heading of communication, reference is made to instantaneous communication, such as that associated with ESP and other similar phenomena.

As it has been demonstrated that instantaneous effects do occur regardless of the distance involved, the concept of instantaneous communication is suggestive of mind boggling possibilities.

Some might question the connection between instantaneous communication and gravity control, but the two are closely linked by the existence of an underlying dynamic force which permeates the universe.  In as much as non-linear time field frequency acceleration is the underlying force of energy determining the form and function of physical structure it is this same force which also sustains and perpetuates the existence of physical structure.  Plus this same force extends from one condition of universe to another in relation to the condition of universe remaining relative to the system of reference.

This means that regardless of how many and how variant the different conditions of universe might be they are all inter-connected by one dynamic force due to the non-absolute nature of those relative boundaries existing between the various conditions of universe.

Therefore it is possible for one’s thoughts to be communicated, not only to the extreme limits of universe, but to all other conditions of universe existing beyond that condition of universe which remains relative to our planet earth.

In relation to gravity control this suggests it possible to affect physical transport between the various conditions of universe, in that it should be possible to affect physical access to any condition of universe existing beyond the limitations of our existing field of view.

Historically we have referred to this process as instantaneous transformation, where a mass might be transported instantaneously from one place to another without having traveled linearly from here to there.

Gravity control offers the possibility of instantaneous transformation, as gravity control itself involves the controlled modulation of those field dynamics determining the form and function of field remaining relative to the system of reference.  In respect to gravity control a modular field system would be the system of reference employed as the access vehicle capable of instantaneous transformation.

Many have questioned the speed of gravity and wondered if the speed of gravity is the same as light speed or if it exceeds the speed of light, while some have considered the speed of gravity to be instantaneous, which would mean that gravity does not have a linear speed.

As it turns out this is quite true, as gravity does not have a speed.  Gravity itself does not move in a linear fashion as gravity is simply a dynamic response to the condition of field.  And as the underlying force determining the condition of field is itself non-linearly accelerating at a rate remaining relative to the system of reference gravity corresponds to the dynamic nature of field frequency acceleration.

Some have considered the existence of gravitons, in relation to gravity existing in the form of particles, but no such particles exist other than as an abstract idea.  In fact the term gravity could be dispensed with completely, as there is no actual force of gravity.  Gravity is simply an aspect of field dynamics, in relation to the non-linear acceleration of field frequency.

So how does simultaneous communication help us achieve gravity control?

In order to control gravity we must understand the true nature of gravity and the force responsible for the gravitational effects we observe.

For example; if an increase in energy focused to the center of the earth’s core causes a simultaneous response at the outer boundary of universe, the increase in energy is instantaneously registered at the outer boundary of universe, in terms of an inversely proportional instantaneous response.  In other words the condition of field remaining relative to the earth is simultaneously linked in all directions due to the instantaneous nature of the field dynamics involved.

Gravity decreases isometrically from the surface curve of the earth in inverse proportion to the square of the distance, which corresponds to an isometric decrease in the underlying energy of field being inversely proportional to the square of the distance in respect to our existing concept of space and motion.  But this concept is wholly inadequate for the purpose it is presently applied.

In other words there is no method by which to linearly traverse the vast distances of interstellar space, as both time and space are isometrically stretched to the point where we perceive an actual outer boundary of universe.

The only feasible method by which to traverse interstellar space is by means on instantaneous transformation.  And as difficult as it might sound it is not at all beyond our ability to master instantaneous transformation in a safe and efficient manner.

The first thing we must accept is the idea that all space is a dynamic response to the condition of field and nothing more.  Space is not a physical material per se, but a condition, a dynamic condition.

Yet, we assume we can measure space in a manner similar to measuring cloth, lumber, or a gas filled balloon.  This is a fantasy, as space does not conform to our perception of linear metric measure.

We wonder how a craft can go from 0 to thousands of miles per hour in the blink of an eye without subjecting the pilot to effects far beyond human endurance.  Its simple, gravity is not a force, but our existing aircraft employ a system of resistant propulsion, (resistance), and these other craft employ a non-resistant system which is not an actual system of propulsion, (resistance), at all.

The other craft, the UFO type craft, control the condition of field remaining relative to them as opposed to the condition of field controlling the reactions associated with conventional aerodynamics.

Our pilots are subject to the condition of field and have no control over the condition of field to which they are subject.  Therefore there are well defined limitations to the maneuverability and speed of their aircraft.

And when you consider manned missions in space, beyond the limits of orbiting satellites, rockets offer little advantage over conventional aircraft.

Certainly we have rocketed to the moon and mars and have landed equipment, but to putting people on the moon or mars is quite another matter.

To start with you must consider the non-uniform relationship existing between all field systems, such as that existing between the earth and moon or the earth and mars.  This is where gravity control comes into play, as gravity control allows for a uniform access to any field condition.

Without a system allowing for uniform access you cannot safely utilize any of the existing resources for the purpose of the mission, such as water etc.  In fact you cannot safely use the existing atmosphere or subject the crew to direct physical contact with the environment of the moon or mars.

The simultaneous nature of dynamic field responses also disqualifies the perception of space in terms of light years or astronomical units, as no such linear durations of time exist other than as an abstract invention of the human mind.  In other words, you cannot see for billions of years anymore than you can get too yesterday by walking backwards.  What you see is what there is to see at the moment you see it, not something which happened so many years ago and took that much time to reach you.

The human senses perceive the dynamic condition of field as it exists at the moment, not how it once existed or how it will exist, as we are confined to the field in which we presently exist.

Dynamic responses have nothing to do with linear terms of reference employed for the purpose of convenience by those involved in the various aspects of trade and commerce, as they are purely abstract values invented for a specific purpose.

The modulation of field is not magic, although it might appear that way to some.  The modulation of field is a natural process associated in varying degrees with every system of universe, which includes both the very small and the very big.

Therefore gravity control is a natural process, which simply mirrors the dynamic nature of universe.

Assuming gravity control to be impossible is no different than assuming that the earth is flat or that the earth is situated at the center of the solar system.

Project Unity, which is clearly described at represents a basic magnetic frame by which it is possible to modulate the focus of field in any direction one might wish to travel.  This same system can also provide for instantaneous transformation to any condition of universe to which we might wish to be transported.

Simple yes, it is very simple, but the basic principles upon which this system is based take a bit of getting used to, as our conventional wisdom tends to obscure the simple nature of universe and Project Unity.

Instantaneous transformation is simply a matter of going beyond the limits of our existing state.  In other words the modulation of the underlying force alters the dynamics of field, whereby it is possible to experience instantaneous transport and simultaneous communication.