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Viktor Schauberger

Shauberger built unique suction turbines that both produced electricity and seemed to enliven and invigorate the water, resulting in clean, life-giving water downstream. World War 2 was soon underway and he was forced by Hitler to apply his vortex machines to the development of a flying craft that utilized compound centrifugal air vortexes. These devices were initially motor driven, but once they had reached a certain speed they became self-generating, and produced enormous pumping power and lift. So much lift, that one such device broke loose from it’s mounting bolts and literally went through the roof of the laboratory. At the end of the war, American military officers seized everything in the laboratory and put Schauberger into ‘protective custody’ for six months. Eventually he became angry and despairing that his projects seemed to have been left sitting on the shelf, and that no work was being done about his ideas.

Gravity Control is a matter of time.
Anti-gravity technology research in electromagnetic propulsion and other technologies is under development, and we would like to document its discovery.