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Renewable Energy

If you burn a log to create heat, once the log is burned up, that heat, that energy is forever lost to the world. This applies to the burning of anything, oil, coal, nuclear rods, and especially rockets that get used once. Everything that requires a spark to make a fire or an explosion, everything combustible is simply not renewable.

Renewable energy can be siphoned from the wind, waves, solar, geothermal, which is good. In thinking globally, the wind and waves coming in off our coasts and the solar panels placed in sun drenched deserts could create enough electricity for our whole planet. The new infrastructure is now being built for these renewable sources of energy. But is it a question of too little too late? Yes, and No, depending who you’re talking to. The Yes group believe it’s too late, the earth is dying and we’re all doomed. The No group is pitching in to ‘reduce the carbon footprint’ by adding solar panels where possible, or a windmill, or a turbine type device in a passing river to create enough electricity to run a home. No emissions from any of these devices and as their popularity grows we’ll begin to see a difference in the air as the smokestacks diminish.

These are all doable projects using current technology.

Because so few are aware of the new technology, the idea of power from the aether, never gets entertained by most people at their various greenpower locations. This is too bad because to siphon power from the aether is the ultimate renewable energy. It would save our planet from further destruction and at the same time allow us to visit other worlds.

Gravity Control is a matter of time.
Anti-gravity technology research in electromagnetic propulsion and other technologies is under development, and we would like to document its discovery.