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Saved from old forum – Anomalous Gravitational Effects

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Author Topic: Saved from old forum – Anomalous Gravitational Effects  (Read 55 times)
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A post saved from’s original forum before the big hack

(by David Barclay)

Anomalous Gravitational Effects

A study of the natural world to seek any common features of anything, which may have unexplained, or unexpected attributes. The objects or phenomenon, which may fit the criteria, are:

1 The Planet Earth 2 The Sun 3 Tornadoes 4 Flying Saucers

1 The Planet Earth

(a) The planet and its oceans are affected by the gravitational pull from the sun and the moon but small items on the surface do not appear to be affected by the pull of the sun and or moon. If a person on the equator weighs himself at midday when the moon is also visible, he should be somewhat lighter than when he weighs himself again 12 hours later when he has the combined gravitational pull of all 3 celestial bodies.

(b) Centrifugal force should also affect the weight of a person at various locations. On the equator, which is rotating at 1000 mph he should be somewhat lighter than at the polar regions where the rotational speed is negligible. However a persons weight remains virtually the same no matter where he is. A plumb bob should also be affected by centrifugal force particularly in the areas about 45 degrees north and south and more so when the sun and moon are both high in the sky.

(c) The planet has a magnetic rotating ring, the crust, and the atmosphere may also be included, both rotating at 1000 mph at the equator.

(d) Parts of the atmosphere are known to have large electric currents flowing through it at high voltage. Various estimates put the voltage at billions down to about 250,000 volts.

(e) The Earth has a large magnetic field far in excess of what one would expect for a body with a relatively small amount of magnetism.

(f) The central part is a huge storage of heat energy.

(g) Surface objects appear to be charged with several thousand volts of static electricity.

2 The Sun

(a) Has a huge magnetic field which extends past all the planets

(b) Flares thrown out appear to accelerate away from the Sun and then just float back down.

(c) The equatorial rotational velocity is similar to the Earth.

3 Tornadoes

(a) A ring of air rotating at high speed (350 mph)

(b) Electrical activity in the ring. (Sparks or Lightning)

(c) Objects thrown into the centre appear to float.

4 Flying Saucers (Widely thought to exist, common features include)

(a) Eliptical in shape. (Side View)

(b) Rotating parts or lights around the perimeter. Speed of rotation variable.

(c) Completely disregard our rules for gravity or inertia.

(d) Sometimes leave marks in the ground suggesting a considerable degree of weight. (Mass)

(e) On landing they seem to oscillate like a leaf, then hover, and then the legs come down to the ground.

(f) On take off the rotating parts increase speed, then the legs retract, then the craft accelerates away rapidly, vertically, and silently.

(g) When moving at speeds estimated to be above the speed of sound, they cause no sonic boom.

(h) The central structural pillar is referred to as an "accumulator" during alleged   inspections.

My Conclusions (or Delusions)

Magnetic or electrical rings rotating at between 350 mph and 1000 mph may create a large magnetic field.  If this magnetic field is rotating within another magnetic field, (the Earth within the Suns Magnetic field or a tornado or flying saucer within the earths magnetic field) at some point where they intersect a large ELECTRIC FIELD OR CURRENTS occurs as in the Earths ionisphere? The voltage gradient, where the voltages are higher the further from the Earth suggests that the voltage within the Earth may at some point be zero volts. I suggest that in addition to the normal concept of gravity being related to mass, that two other effects are also in action.

The first of these effects is that the electric field of flowing currents is blocking the effect of the Suns gravitational pull on the surface objects, us, and solving the problem of equal body weight anywhere on the planet.

The second extra effect may be the atmospheric voltage. The surface voltage is probably related to the surface rotational velocity at any point on the planet. That is, high voltage at the equator, diminishing to negligible voltage at the poles. This is exactly the same as the centrifugal force distribution. It appears that we may be held to the ground in opposition to the centrifugal force by our voltage attempting to reach zero. The plumb bob would also be attempting to point to zero volts, which is probably the core of the earth. This in no way diminishes the validity of the theory of gravity being related to mass, but adds to it, thereby solving two problems, and giving two possible clues as to how to overcome or nullify gravity. If these assumptions are correct then we don’t need anything but the example of Planet Earth to build a machine which may have Anomalous Gravitational Effects. We need to start with a frame into which are fitted two rings. These would need to be levitating independently within the frame for friction free rotation. The rings would need to be counter-rotating for stability. The magnets required for levitation would probably be enough to create the large magnetic field. The rings would be driven by on board batteries powering electro magnets around the perimeter. The whole thing should be remote controlled so that insulating legs can be withdrawn into the structure without any exterior contact. The larger the diameter of the machine, the lower the RPM to reach the required velocity. A computer set up within the machine could control the RPM and attempt to raise the legs every 5 RPM or so.

While I personally don’t think it will work, the data certainly suggests otherwise. If it does work we should have a levitating machine with a high voltage field or currents completely surrounding it, probably quite dangerous, and a zero voltage in the interior. I have no idea if the structure would work without an enclosure, or what any required enclosure would need to be made of. As we are nearing a critical time regarding fossil fuels and atmospheric pollution, I would suggest many people independently attempt to build this. There may be thousands of configurations needed to be tested before any success. The only serious cost to make a machine would be the rare earth magnets, but maybe ordinary magnets in a Halbach Array would be adequate.

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