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Alexancer V. Frolov

To understand Alexander V. Frolov at least a little bit, here is a true story.

Alex Frolov applied for a Russian patent regarding a device that he claimed had ‘perturbed the aether’. The patent judges failed to give Frolov a patent based on the judgement that they didn’t believe it. Had those same judges been more familiar with Alex V. Frolov and had they been more aware of Frolov’s activities and standing in the scientific community, perhaps they would have given his device more time instead of dismissing it outright. Later, a possible chance to prove the perturbing of the aether in America with scientist, Hal Puthoff, who unfortunately found no investors for this most important experiment. Thus, hopes were dashed in getting an American patent to, sort of, show the Russians. At this writing I think Alex Frolov’s perturbing of the aether experiment has yet to be done, again. He performed the experiment in Russia and I’m sure he continues to be open on this work.

Alexander V. Frolov is an inventor by trade. He seems to have the mind of Edison for business and the eye of Tesla, of whom Frolov is an avid student.

The global depression has caused Frolov to close his research laboratory. The economic meltdown is hitting everyone so Alex retreated to his home lab.

There, he has had some time to sort out his life and has come to the conclusion that the next big thing is the magnet motor. The answer to combustion. Frolov believes the magnet motor can replace combustion. He is joining a growing group of people who are already working on magnet motors. Many of the inventors of magnet motors are one man garage operations. Frolov, though he has invented his own magnet motor, is hoping to work with an inventor of an unpatented magnet motor. His considerable skills in taking a drawing and turning it into an operable unit are well known. He has a keen business mind and might just make his partner rich, and of course, himself.

But right now, these are hard times when everyone tries to fall back on their resources if they have them. Although this is that rainy day you save for, Frolov is unperturbed, largely. Being an inventor by trade he’ll just think himself out of being a part of this meltdown. Alexander V. Frolov does not mind being compared to the business side of Edison nor the visionary attributes of Tesla. Somewhere in his visionary capacity, Frolov sees the magnet motor as the next new thing to replace combustion.

Meanwhile, this man who has perturbed the aether seems to be looking for interim ways of making civilization great again. If the magnet motor is indeed that device and can replace combustion, Alexander V. Frolov is on the case, a predigious mind who lets go of his ego long enough to judge who might have the best unpatented magnet motor he could partner with. Frolov’s past experience in inventing and patenting his inventions gives cause to anyone who may have invented the definitive magnet motor and needs a seasoned professional to help bring the device to market.

But Frolov is first an inventor. An inventor blessed with the skill of knowing what will work whether he personally invents it or not. This was Edison’s gift as well as being known as America’s greatest inventor. Alexander V. Frolov is first or second, a businessman, and first or second, an inventor of great ideas. Tesla had little sense of business but his ideas were so great he put together the world’s first electric grid at Niagara Falls. And convinced Edison that AC electricity would travel farther than DC. Which was true.

There’s no one like Alexander V. Frolov today, someone who sees the future and at the same time, someone who sees the business of the future.

You can find a partial bio of Alexander V. Frolov here

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