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Free Energy

The world was so young and wonderful when it took the wrong turn into belching Model T Fords. A few smart people who knew they were onto something, much like the Hollywood Hillbillies but including a dark tone, sold the world on the combustion motor over steam and electric. And perhaps electromagnetic and vortex.

Lurking in the background were Tesla and Keely offering free energy. Keely was like Tesla but Tesla hated Keely’s methods deeming them undisciplined. He never argued with Keely otherwise and has been accused of plaegerizing Keely.

This was a time when the aether was very much a part of science. The Aether instead of Ether, the anaesthetic, was considered to be the underlying force of universe, the very building blocks of the universe, like string theory and quantum mechanics, which respect the idea of the aether.

An experiment performed in 1889 designed to detect the aether, failed. It was known as the Michelson Morley experiment and since that time till Einstein, the aether became mythical. In 1927, Einstein said, there must be an aether, and re-ignited quantum thinking and Tesla’s proclamation that he could provide the world with free energy. They say he was stopped by JP Morgan.

First Keely, then Tesla. In another life or dimension, they might have changed our world from the combustion dependency today to a more electromagnetic world void of global warming and pollution.

Tapping the aether for power has been a holy grail since, at least in modern times, Bessler’s perpetual motion machine, and debate of its perpetuality always asks where the energy comes from. Which means it’s not perpetual. The energy comes from somewhere.

The great Free Energy site, leads to much that is current in free energy, including links to 20 free energy machines running today. Six in Switzerland alone.

As you can imagine, the very thought of free energy to the oil industry sent shudders of a magnitude that managed to shut down any opposition.

The backlash of oil to free energy was fierce. Think of all those urban legends about getting 200 miles to the gallon, a process that included a mighty misting of water vapor. These types of inventions were only heard of but never hit the market.

True free energy is as it always has been. The theory of an underlying force that creates gravity and space and motion and time has been known since before the Greeks and probably the Sumerians. And others.

Free energy is a force to be used for gravity control and just about everything. Names such as Bedini and Bearden both claim working models of free energy machines. A company called Lutec in Australia claims a working model but is stalled in production. But they do claim a working model as do others around the world.

Of course, nothing is free, no free lunch or anything else. Whether someone comes to pick apples from your tree or you kick the tree with your foot, it’s basic physics of the expending of energy or money which required energy to make it to perform any task. If you do it yourself your doing it for free. Is that free energy? Not if you get paid. Or spend time doing it.

The force that is the aether, this underlying force, is what holds the universe together. The great secret is that there is a bomb within it that would destroy us all, as in, the solar system, not just earth. This, like the nuclear bomb must never again be used. And within that secret is the somewhat benign benefit of gravity control as well as free energy. History tells us that the secret of the universe will ultimately rule.

On a more spiritual plane explained, we, as human beings should be able to achieve instantaneous transportation to any place, any time. We do not believe it possible and so of course it is not. Instead we build machines to accomplish the same thing as in legs, bike, car, train, plane, rocket, and finally, the control of gravity which allows for a more legitimate and in sync version of space travel. Thee ultimate system. The one that employs the underlying force that powers the universe and all reality.

They say there are 20 working free energy machines in the world right now, maybe more. Why aren’t these units leaping ahead of hydrogen and electric? Do we really have to wait until the current technology passes before we can, as a planet, have free energy? Sadly, yes, unless there is a major shift in thinking.

Free energy would knock out the world system as we know it and as a shock to the economy of a world that runs on oil, well, no more oil barons. Naturally they’re not going to take this sitting down and will continue to oppose any alternate form of energy.

The fact is we’re entering a new era where combustion is being replaced. And as the roar of the big trucks fade to a hum and tire noise and then none and no roar of combustion the world over, free energy will help make this planet a more quiet place.

Tesla’s idea was to stimulate the planet itself, shoot it full of electricity so that wherever you are on the planet, just drive a steel rod into the ground and you have power. Fascinating and dangerous.

Today’s thinking is more along the lines of tapping energy from that wonderful 90% of everything in the universe that we don’t know about. They call it dark matter which could easily be connected to what they called aether or the underlying force of everything.

Free energy isn’t free. You must build the equipment to catch it. And to truly catch free energy and turn it into the new power of we earthlings will make money obsolete. It will simply become a case of no need.

Free energy and gravity control travel hand in hand and maybe we can go back to setting off huge rockets for celebration. Putting a man on the end of one is akin to being tied to a missle.

Free energy is the folly of dreamers.
We are the dreamers who will make it a reality.
And, according to the Maya calendar we only have till December 21, 2012.
That is when the Maya calendar ends and is viewed by some as the end of the world. Yet, there is reference to the end of the third sun and beginning of the fourth sun.

Free energy and all its secrets has a deadline, according to the Mayans.

Who knows what the Mayans know. But in looking around, it doesn’t look too promising for good old mother Earth at the moment. Unless there is enlightenment to free energy.

It would be nice to see the planet at peace. Uh, no thanks, you got it we got it everybody’s got it so we have no more reason to bicker and fight.

Have you ever had the feeling we’ve been in this situation before?

Come on Free Energy Guys! Are you going to let a simple plugin car beat your can?

Not to end on a sour note, not in any way. Because what is now happening is truly inspiring. We are becoming aware that rockets, though romantic, ain’t gonna do it, man. We have to tap the energy of the universe. It won’t be free. But after that we can totally equalize and all go anywhere we want anytime.

I know, especially for first readers this sounds impossible if you have a science education.

Gravity Control is a matter of time.
Anti-gravity technology research in electromagnetic propulsion and other technologies is under development, and we would like to document its discovery.