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W. David Barclay Bio – gravity control antigravity research


W. David Barclay believes in a reality beyond that which is accepted today. His many years spent studying geology, physics and astronomy has allowed his further study of the greatest scientific minds of all time. David’s interest in physics and astronomy goes back to his early childhood when at the age of 7 he knew he wanted to be a scientist. Over time the child with the mind that questioned Einstein and the scientific status quo began to form a new theory that went beyond the science of the day dealing with antigravity, gravity control and free energy.

Although Project Unity evolved from that which went before, it is a theory that questions much of what is currently accepted. David Barclay’s questioning of current science resounds like Copernicus and Galileo who challenged their scientific times and were considered acts of heresy. David Barclay is not alone in his questioning of science authority. Nikola Tesla and Alex Frolov are examples of scientists today and in the past who have put forth alternatives to accepted but illogical beliefs.

W. David Barclay is offering the world an alternative to rockets and combustion. Project Unity is fuel-less propulsion which up till now has been beyond our current understanding.

Gravity Control is a matter of time.
Anti-gravity technology research in electromagnetic propulsion and other technologies is under development, and we would like to document its discovery.