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Project Unity

Here is an up to date compendium of pics and diagrams displaying Project Unity.

And now, here’s W. David Barclay, author of Unity, to explain what you see.

The exterior surface of the craft is smooth without protrusions of any kind. There are no hatches, windows, gangways, portholes or other avenues allowing for direct physical access or entrance to the craft. The drive system is located in the belly of the craft, the bottom portion extending below the rim.

So how do you get in?  Access to and from the craft is by means of instantaneous transformation which means you are either inside or outside the craft.  Instantaneous transformation involves a merging of two locations…with one being the interior of the craft and other being a location outside of the craft.  The two points or locations are brought together…much like being in two places at the same time and then separated.  It matters not what stands between the craft and another location, whether it be the walls of a building or any other physical structure…the process is immediate and instantaneous as no coming or going is involved or experienced from a ground based observers point of view or from those piloting the craft.  Keep in mind that a Unity type craft functions on the basis of non-linear dynamics whereby the craft itself exists as a unified field system in relation to time and space remaining relative to the craft.  Therefore the craft can access any condition of universe in an instantaneous manner without consideration to the vastness of space or the apparent distance involved.

In the plan view we are looking down into the belly of the craft where four tiers of magnetic discs are located. It is the cone formation of the four tiers of magnetic discs which provides for directional focus of a vortex field array, either up or down or from side to side or any point between. Each of the magnetic discs is mounted on a pivoting control arm with the smallest tier at the bottom and the largest tier at the top. This could be referred to as a four phase system involving four tiers of magnetic discs and can be scaled to accommodate the size of the craft, regardless of size. It is important to point out that the magnetic discs are all of the same size and shape although the small ring of discs at the bottom has fewer magnetic discs than the one immediately above it. The top ring of course consists of the greater number of magnetic discs. The four tier drive can be visualized as a four step pyramid turned upside down and inside out.

This is a clear view of the 4 tiers of magnetic discs, with each white circle representing a magnetic disc mounted on a control arm allowing the energy field of the craft to be focused vertically up or down or from left to right.  This configuration allows for navigation in any chosen direction.

Section View…allows us to view the 4 tiers of magnetic discs located in the belly of the craft below the main deck.

It is important to note that a separate station is required to provide initial access for the pilot and or crew and of course a base of operations…this could also be in the form of a mother ship as they are often referred.  It is equally important to note that the Unity craft involves both internal dynamics and external dynamics…without a closed interior the craft would not function.  The internal dynamics must be isolated from the exterior of the craft.

Some years back before I understood Unity it seemed logical that there should be a door or hatch by which to enter the craft but no such door or hatch exists in an actual craft of this type…hopefully that explains the flaw in the picture above.

Below we have a drawing of the magnetic discs…rings of magnetic discs are made up of these individual discs and it is the synchronized manipulation of all the discs constituting the four rings as shown above that provides for the drive of a Unity type craft.  This means it is completely fuel-less…a fuel-less drive system allowing the field dynamics of the craft to be modulated in a controlled manner.

Each of the magnetic discs are mounted on a control arm…where a single disc is mounted on a single control arm.  A circular formation of discs mounted on control arms constitutes a single ring of which there are four rings of magnetic discs.

The magnetic discs can be turned from side to side…180 degrees to the right and 180 degrees to the left…and they can be lifted vertically up and down…when the discs are manipulated in a synchronized fashion, which modulates the field dynamics of the craft, the craft moves in a particular direction.  The direction of travel can be altered by manipulating the vertical and horizontal movement of the control arms…while the rate of motion is determined on the basis of the underlying energy provided by the angle of focus.  The controlled modulation of a Unity type craft involves nothing other than focus…and in this respect it is the simplicity of design which is the most difficult aspect of understanding it would seem.

The controlled modulation of the underlying energy allows a Unity type craft to operate in any of the various unified fields of universe…within the unified field of the earth or any other body in space.  In order to shift from one unified field to another unified field of universe requires the craft to cross time/line boundaries via instantaneous transformation…as a Unity type craft can only operate within one unified field at any given time despite the fact that many unified fields might be present…billions and billions of them at the very least.  Each physical structure constituting universe represents a single unified field remaining relative to itself…with each physical structure presenting a different condition of universe.  Therefore the number of relative relationships existing at any given time is many times greater than the total number of physical structures involved.

Considering this is possible on the basis of focus involving the controlled modulation of an underlying force of energy leaves little to the imagination in attempting to perceive something of a more advanced design.  Project Unity is a simple system allowing for instantaneous transformation as well as localized transport in both a liquid or gaseous medium.

All physical structure is dependent on a similar format for its form and function but it is the controlled modulation of the underlying force of energy which allows for Project Unity and its ability to provide a fuel-less drive for interstellar transport.