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Message From A Lost Forum

This is a forum message saved by my friend Paul M in Oz. 
Hi Paul Let’s podcast!

The following information is a Gravity Control Forum post by David from my files. The original GC Forum
was lost, but can possibly be viewed at

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The ET Connection (Exposed)
on: June 27, 2010, 04:27:33 AM
I think its time to set the record straight or make a few admissions.
When, where and how it all started I dont know for sure, but it did continue for many years and may
even continue today for all I know.
One thing is for sure, in 1967 I went missing for a couple of hours. Not your average disappearance
though as I was at the time working a mile underground in a mine. I was a crusher operator, as the
ore was was processed underground and then shipped to a refinery for smelting.
The foreman had left me in the electrical room as I was waiting for the train to return which would
take me to the portal which was a mile from where I was sitting. He told me he would come and get
me when the train returned. He came to get me alright but I was not where he left me, I was gone.
It didnt take him long to figure out that I was missing and a search of the mine was undertaken, but
still no one could find me or any trace of me.
Management was notified of the situation and a call was made to a mine in the interior of BC for a
mine rescue crew. On the coast at the Jordan River Mine we did not have an official mine rescue
team, as ours was a relatively small operation.
Meanwhile work in the mine had come to a halt as all available workers were searching every
portion of the mine for me. The foreman returned a couple of times to the spot where he had left me
and made a thorough search of the area. It was on his 3rd attempt that he discovered me sitting right
where he had originally left me and I was asleep, but not for long.
“Where the hell have you been,” he demanded to know. I had no idea what he was talking about or
that I had in fact been missing. “I havent been anywhere” I said. Well, he wasnt buying that story.
He explained the situation to me and I was shocked to say the least.
Still he wanted to know where I had been and of course I had no idea, at least not at that moment I
It was very awkward and somewhat embarrassing but most of the crew were just happy to see me
alive and well. My brother also worked at this mine in the geology department and was quite
relieved to hear I had been found.
I was taken out of the mine and delivered to the first aid station where the first aid man insisted I
have some of his oxygen. A lot of questions followed the oxygen, but I had nothing helpful to say.
Luckily management was relieved to have avoided a potential tragedy and the rescue team was
called off before word reached the media. So the whole event was quickly forgotten by everyone
but the foreman. He could not accept the fact of my disappearance.
He knew I had gone somewhere, because in a mine there are not a whole lot of places to go,
especially a mile inside a mountain. Every inch of the mine had been searched with no trace of me
to be found, so he was puzzled to say the least.
I took the rest of the day off and returned for my regular shift with nothing more being said about
this, other than the foreman insisting there was more to this than I was letting on.
Well, yes there was, but nothing I was going to tell anyone about. The days and nights that followed
were anything but normal.
I soon realized that ET had my number and for reasons unexplained to me I was part of some plan
they had. Im not completely sure if I would have volunteered if it had all been explained to me at
the time. Of course today Im honored to have the opportunity to be a part of all this.
This was not my first encounter with ET but it was the first time I consciously realized ET were
involved in my life or me in theirs.
Other events were to follow in the form of meetings and encounters, but the best one ever was a trip
to Paris by way of the ET express.
I was picked up on the west coast and we were headed east across northern Canada. I was
fascinated by the viewer which showed the ground below us as we passed over. Mountains and
trees, a rock outcrop and more trees etc., all very scenic I must say.
Then as if out of nowhere two CF16s or CF18s came along side of us. Actually they were allowed
to come along side of us.
We were headed east and they were on our north side, the north side of the saucer craft, the lead
plane was closest to us with the second plane on his wing and a bit to his rear. The pilot of the lead
plane was focused on his controls, but had to be fully aware of what it was he was pacing.
I was sitting beside a control panel covered in buttons which were illuminated, actually I was sitting
on the floor beside the pilot of this craft as these are not big guys and there is not a whole lot of
room inside one of these small saucers.
What happened next was mind boggling…a button or two was pushed and the lead pilot was
suddenly sitting on the floor of the saucer on the other side of the control panel with his back to us.
He had been instantaneously removed from his plane and set on the floor.
His plane remained in a stable state as it was now remotely under the control of the saucer pilot.
The canopy was still sealed.
In short order the second pilot realized his leader was not at the controls of the other plane, which
must have given him a real shock. He banked away to the north and headed west to where he had
come. I suspect he might have been based out of Cold Lake Alberta, but I dont know.
With our visiting passenger remaining in a sitting position and remaining silent we continued on our
way with this fighter jet in tow. Once we were over the North Atlantic the plane was allowed to
crash into the sea. This was a controlled crash or ditching as the plane was directed into the sea and
slipped silently beneath the waves. One perfectly fine aircraft sent to the bottom of the sea.
We crossed the Atlantic and turned south east ending up over Paris. For my benefit we made a
couple of passes over the tower just so I would be sure where we were. But the adventure was far
from over.
There are no washrooms on these saucer craft, so it was time to let the two earthlings out for a pee.
Suddenly the two of us are on the ground just outside of Paris next to a canal. There was a grassy
slope leading down to the canal, which we assumed was as good a place as any to pee.
I have to mention that dawn was just breaking over Paris, so here we are, the two of us at the crack
of dawn, with one in flight gear, standing on the edge of the canal doing tinkle into the canal.
Suddenly a whistle blows and a policeman appears. He is yelling at us in French and blowing his
We quickly zipped up and started to run, but of course we had no idea where we were going other
than away from this policeman with the whistle.
So now we are running and the policeman is running and still blowing that bloody whistle, by now
there may have been more than one policeman chasing us, but I dont know.
We did not know what to do or where to go other than keep running and run we did right up an alley
which was a dead end.
Suddenly, everything is sudden as nothing is anticipated, Im back in the saucer but not our pilot
He was left for the Paris police to sort out, which makes this an important story because there is a
file somewhere that verifies the fact..
The air force pilot and I were never introduced, so I dont know his name. But as far as I know the
Paris police caught him and took him away.
I must also mention that his flight helmet remained on the floor of the saucer. So somewhere there
is an ET with an air force flight helmet.
I cant imagine how hard it must have been for the air force pilot, as he would certainly have been
asked a lot of very difficult questions by his commanding officer…wheres your plane son? What do
you mean you lost it? etc. etc.
I got to go home and think about it all. The fact that they can remove people from under the earth or
out of an aircraft without having to open a door is amazing to say the least. It all happens faster than
the blink of an eye. Theres not even a zap or a shazam.
They let me remember what they wanted me to remember and that is quite a bit actually, because I
knew what was possible, what could be done, so all I had to do was figure out why it was possible.
Nothin to it eh.
Some would say it was a bit odd, but when they wanted to make contact I would get the notion to
go camping or hiking etc., but at very odd hours such as 2 AM. Who goes hiking at 2 AM? I have
awoken in the middle of the night, got dressed, put on my boots and as I am headed out the door I
stop myself and ask myself what the hell are you doing going out in the middle of the night? No
sooner would I have asked myself such a stupid question than they would appear in all their glory.
I can try and explain this but it wont come close….there is no way to explain the emotional impact
as it is quite overwhelming. Its the high to all highs to be sure.
If youve never seen one of these craft land for an up close and personal meeting you have no idea
what you are missing.
I have never met a gray or any evil ETs…these folks are all heart and soul and very concerned for
our well being, not to mention our future.
There is a reason why they block certain things. If I had a complete memory of it all I could not
exist in a balanced state in this crazy world. I would want, no, I would need to be with them. I
would not want to be here, but to put it a different way it would be overwhelmingly difficult for me
to be left here after having shared so much with them. So certain things are blocked if for no other
reason than my own well being.
They cannot directly intervene in world affairs, but they can indirectly demonstrate possibilities. So
we have choices to make, embrace the possibilities or deny them. Its one or the other. I choose to
embrace those possibilities because I know they are possible, very definitely possible.
Gravity control is a small part of a much bigger picture, but it is an important first step in the right
Instantaneous transformation is something else again and we may not get to duplicate some of their
technology, but nonetheless they developed it a very long time ago. Its not something new, nothing
really is.
The biggest problem we have is our nuclear agenda, we dont want to give it up. Many years ago we
were asked to give up our nuclear agenda and we said no. Today we still say no, so ET says sorry
we cant help you until you help yourselves, meaning each other.
There is no future in nukes, never was and never will be.
I wrote the book Unity to share what I know, which might not be much in the total scheme of
things, but it is what I have to offer.
The message is this, I dont work alone, I have had a lot of help from some people who care very
much about many things.

Thank you, W. David Barclay, a man above and of his time. 

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