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When I started I had no idea of the big secrets.

I thought we’d have the whole thing solved in a couple of weeks.

Now, more than ten years later, government gives the impression of having gravity control,
but the more I search the more it seems they don’t.

What we have is a theory in need of verification or not.
Personally I would love to see W. David Barclay’s theory of Unity proven correct.
Truly, it would solve so many problems other than asteroids but with the resolution of gravity control we can swerve such a missle. It would miss us because we know gravity control and the capability of making a deadly incoming object swerve.

The thought of gravity control makes you think of other things too.

But as we enter the year 2016 we have been subjected to a lot.
All inventive entrepreneurs have been suppressed. Including and maybe most of all,

We know they’re thinking about it but don’t believe they have it.
Yet the triangle craft seem to be made by humans.

What we need to know is the basic ‘how does it work’?
Well, let’s start with Barclay’s model.
Tiers, four tiers of many magnets focussed to the Earth’s centre.
When that focus is achieved the craft doing the focussing attains its own field.
This means the field created is different from the field of the earth and universe.
When you focus to the earth’s center, our planet, you create a new field, one in which you are in, separate from our Earth and separate from the universe, your own unique field.
With focus, when you create your own field it means you can go anywhere.
To the great wall or perhaps membrane of our universe to reveal the multiverse.

Infinity? Well, maybe not. But we’re so small with our gift of consciousness and everything else is so big, it makes you wonder.