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Gravity Control

For ten years or more we’ve railed about, either, the release of gravity control by the government, or, an independent Edison-like release.
Or an attachment of folks to David Barclay’s Unity Theory. which looks best to me.
And The Gwandau Team may confirm.

The reason I chose the Barclay Theory is for two reasons.
First, everyone was spinning and zapping to create antigravity, not gravity control,
and there was some success. The magnetic ring, when plugged in, levitates.
Ask how and no one knows.
Magnets? Yes and more.

David’s theory takes the position of focus, which causes spin and electrics.
“if you can focus to the centre of the earth, field within field, that’s your reference until you jump to your next field”
A rough quote from Barclay. In other words, he is not speaking of propulsion.
He speaks of a jump, you’re here, now you’re there.

Instantaneous transformation is the next step beyond rockets and any other form of propulsion.
Getting from A to B doesn’t have to involve long periods of time.

That’s what we want.

The universe waits for W. David Barclay’s Unity Theory.

Right Now? It’s not that we’re too stupid to understand the possibilities.
It’s just that this kind of thinking needs more support.
To be fair there are many minds throughout the world thinking about gravity control.

Hopefully more all the time.

Apologies if we’re ahead of curve.