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Higgs Boson Update

An earlier and slightly updated article from W. David Barclay, author of Unity:

The recent news of the Higgs boson discovery has many people cheering and speculating that it just might make light speed travel possible and help to explain why matter has mass.

Here’s the straight goods…it’s total bullshit.
While so many cheer and others congratulate themselves I see a large group of arrogant self-indulgent quacks quacking…”What is really important for the Higgs is that it explains how the world could be the way that it is in the first millionth of a second in the Big Bang,” de Roeck said.

Ask any of these learned people exactly what energy is and they can’t tell you…but smashing protons together at high speed will give them further insight into the true nature of universe in the first millionth of a second in the Big Bang.

We are a bit passed the Big Bang if there ever was such a thing in the first place…but to suggest that this very expensive experiment can explain the how the world could be the way it is in the first millionth of a second in the Big Bang is not even a rational idea.

The linear mind set is archaic and a desperately primitive perception of this physical reality we refer to as universe.

Nuclear physicists indeed…who collectively view themselves as providing potential possibilities for future generations yet to come.
In case it escaped your attention the future appears to be in doubt and without remedy and revision our planet will soon be incapable of supporting human life.

Wake up, for goodness sakes wake up.

Unity is a free read…take a look. You just might get the idea.

There is hope and sometimes as Jim often reminds me…hope is enough.

But there is also truth.
And truth always wins.