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Did I spell that right?

Anyway, bad.  Is fluoride in bottled water?  Yes, when the bottled water just comes out of the tap with fluoride added at the main supply.  Then add BPA that leaches from the plastic of bottled water, the substance traced to sterility.   When you purchase your next bottle of water, check the label.  Is it pure?   Recently I purchased a bottle of mineral water and noticed among sodium chloride (salt), potassium and other basics, it also listed fluoride.  I wondered if it was added or natural fluoride, of which you need a little bit, like iodine and boron.  Or was it a concoction of fluoridated tap water.  Check for a Harvard study that reports fluoride in the water lowers IQ.

There are several fluoride filters out there.

Not a current issue with me.  I have a well.  The neighbors are more awake now and have stopped using chemicals to ‘purify’ the land, because they now know that poison on the surface can mean poison in our and their well.

We don’t need pharmaceutical additives in the public water supply.

Isn’t the water utility supposed to purify the water and not add agents to dumb down the public, other than natural minerals in the water.  ?

Some may think this is science fiction.  It’s not.  How do we create gravity control when this is going on: