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Nuclear Underground Testing

It is being suggested that Iran is planning to carry out an underground nuclear detonation early in 2013.

We do not need anymore above or below ground tests…our planet cannot afford to sustain any further degradation to its structural dynamics…mother earth has had enough already.

The further testing of nuclear weaponry is less than rational in fact the very concept of nuclear warfare is completely insane…or is it a question of ignorance. Regardless of insanity or ignorance it is a position which cannot be justified under any and all circumstances.

Nuclear weapons are incapable of defending any nation on earth if for no other reason than one simple fact…there is no defense against nuclear weapons. No such defense exists as there is nowhere to go to escape the after effects of increased background radiation.

It would seem we have learned nothing in the last 60 plus years to convince us of the harm involved.

It’s time to put an end to this madness…put away the nukes and seek a peaceful solution…a solution beneficial to all people.