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Lord knows I hate conspiracies in the sense that you end up endlessly pursuing what to you appears to be logic.
It was September 9th when I decided to do a ‘cute’ blog post. The headline said, This Look Familiar?, and it was the proper implosion of a building needed taken down to make room for progress. Interestingly, the moment I clicked publish, I lost the normal use of youtube, from where the imploded building originated. To this day, not sure if youtube or something else blocked me from youtube.

There are several other incidents where I wondered, am I watched?

Living here in Thailand there are many watchdogs who censor certain sites, be they corporations or individual sites or porn. This alone makes me wonder who or what might have locked me out of youtube. Or is it simply some weird glitch in my computer, such as not an updated Flash program required to watch youtube. So far, I’ve updated Flash three times to no avail.

There is no way I know to discover whether tonight I was shut out of CBS because I have been tagged as someone not to deal with. Hey, it’s the net. How can you know for sure when interesting coincidences happen.
And when important videos suddenly freeze and I can’t get beyond that point, I must admit that I wonder if they’re really targeting me.

The problem is we live in a world of secrets and you’re simply not supposed to know.

The more serious problem is we let governments keep those secrets.

Today’s American society has been taught that it’s ok for the government to have secrets from the population, for their own good. And sadly, proud Americans buy it.

I don’t.

I want to know what they know about gravity control.

So we can help.