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Arnie Gundersen at Fairwinds

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I recently sent an email to Arnie in response to his comments on the disposal of nuclear waste materials and the neutralization of plutonium. I also made a point of thanking him for his effort and his balanced attitude in speaking out on the Fukishima situation and other critical issues facing the nuclear industry, so a big hats off to Arnie Gundersen.

There is no known solution to either issue but I wonder if anyone has had any experience in attempting to freeze Plutonium to a temperature close to absolute zero and I further wonder if such a thing would be possible.

If we consider the true nature of energy in relation to an underlying force of energy sustaining and perpetuating the structure of all physical materials and realize that Plutonium has an extremely low ratio of energy per unit of mass we might be able to make some progress.

The whole issue of nuclear waste materials is in fact a very real and immediate problem which needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Both Canada and the USA have undertaken attempts to establish underground depositories in which to store nuclear waste materials only to abandon the idea, yet the Swiss seem to be pushing ahead despite the very real safety issue involved in relation to the internal and external dynamics of the earth being inversely proportional.

This means that the sealing of underground depositories once filled with nuclear waste materials, backfilled and sealed with concrete may pose a risk in that the internal dynamics of the earth will then have a direct effect on the stability of the nuclear materials.

Drums of nuclear waste materials have a surface temperature of 110 to 120 F before the depository is sealed and as so little is known about the inverse effects of the earth’s internal dynamics it may be possible that the temperature of the stored nuclear waste materials will increase in temperature over time. The extent of such a temperature increase is unknown at this time but it can be determined that an increase will occur.

The key to neutralizing any nuclear waste material links directly to the low ratios of energy per unit of mass determining an extremely high resistance to a further increase in energy in that it is an increase in energy which is needed to neutralize nuclear waste materials.

What is ultimately needed is an alternative to nuclear power allowing the accumulation of nuclear waste materials to cease and to this end I believe Project Unity might be capable of fulfilling that goal.