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All Those Predictions

As I come to you now from the island of Samui between power outages, all those predictions, global warming, flooding, melting, asteroids, the earth’s core heating up, solar flares, crappy air to breathe, foods full of chemicals, and somehow trying to beat the idea of who’s the eaters and who deserves a place here, whatever’s left, I still feel we are right to press for gravity control, the only thing I can think of at the moment that provides equalization to humans such as us trying to survive.

And the great disappointment about trying to do something being met with, don’t go there, that’s secret stuff.

We are in this boat trying to enable gravity control and we seem to be being thwarted by what we assume to be like minded people, only to find that there seems to be some kind of overlording agenda that goes against human quest.

What could be more noble than to move civilization forward and raise the human spirit, only to be told that our secret governments have this well in hand and in due time will reveal their knowledge to the rest of the human race. Meanwhile, as the rest of the world looks like it’s going to hell in a handbasket, where are these saviors?
Locked in a corporate entity that provides them with a life and locks them into a privilege where many prefer to stay that way instead of help offer to save the world from the fascism of corporate countries like the US.

The greatness of nations like this is doomed to fail.

What we need is a higher power to help lift us from the terrible messiness that has become our world.

For me, gravity control, and all its ancillaries to help show the way is currently losing out to the great greed of the world.

As a system, gravity control has the power to change the world. Just in time perhaps for new problems to be solved.

To the global corporate world, your pursuit of profits is wrong.

To the pursuits of a better life.

This may sound stupid but humanity is worth more than the profit of corporations. They have proven their worth and it doesn’t seem to include people.