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Cell Phones and Microwave Towers

Earths New Micrwave Blanket 300x150

Earth’s new microwave blanket.


Actually this is a view of the background microwaves in our galaxy.  Earth’s microwave blanket might be more intense.

“Susan Clarke, a former research consultant to the Harvard School of Public Health, said WiFi emits microwave radiation at the same frequency as that of a microwave oven”

Would that be with the oven door open or closed.  The microwave dilemma extends to wireless cable tv not served by coaxial, tv feeding microwave signals, and who knows what else.

The whole scene is looking bad but at the same time, no one is willing to give up their cell phones.

More on Susan’s wifi story:  the sick story from microwaves

The above is not an isolated instance.  Science argues the negative on mobile phones and experiments with microwave ovens but right now, commerce is winning.

Looks like an opportunity for electrogravitics communications.

TT Brown, where are you when we need you.  He died in 1985.

But surely his work lives on.