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Instantaneous Transformation

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For instantaneous transformation to be possible requires space to be non-linear in nature, which fortunately it is. Therefore it is possible to travel from point A to point B without physical motion occurring.

In other words you do get from point A to point B, regardless of the perceived distance, without traveling the perceived distance between.

Point A and point B are merged and separated, which is how instantaneous transformation works, which transfers that which is being transported from point A to point B instantly. There is no actual traveling a linear distance in space.

Some might suggest that space is warped or bent, but no warping or bending of space occurs because there is no linear space involved in instantaneous transformation simply because space is not linear despite what many might otherwise believe to be the case.

We assume space travel must involve actual travel involving time, space and motion, but at the same time believe it impossible to travel from one star system to another in an efficient manner. Whoever this is not the case as instantaneous transformation does not require actual travel involving time, space and motion.

The whole idea of instantaneous transformation is to be in two places at the same time by merging point A and point B into a single point C and then separating point B from point A.

In actual practice it’s instantaneous so there is no time elapsed during the process of instantaneous transformation.

A seemingly amazing process to be sure and extremely efficient as it gets the job done.

Some will view instantaneous transformation as simply an idea, but it is a bit more than a mere idea as this is exactly how ET get from one star system to another.

There is no light speed or even a bit faster than light speed…there is simply no speed involved because it’s instantaneous. If there is no time elapsed there is no speed involved. Therefore the actual speed of instantaneous transformation is zero.

Instant is not fast or speedy, it’s instant. The trip is over before it starts as there is no in between.

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