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Oil In The Gulf

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It’s been a month now and the oil keeps gushing into the Gulf of Mexico with no assurance of a solution in sight.

How much oil?  BP says 5,000 barrels a day, but independent estimates range all the way up to 95,000 barrels a day, which is a lot of oil and a whole lot more than the 5,000 barrels given out as the official figure.

Most of the oil is not floating on the surface where it would be visible for all to see, as most of it is floating beneath the surface in ribbons up to 10 miles long and 300 feet thick.

This is a disaster, a full blown disaster which may well become a disaster of global proportions if an effective method to stop the flow of oil is not found soon.

At the present time two new holes are being drilled which will intersect the problematic deposit, but these will not be completed until August.  It is hoped that these new holes will relieve the existing pressure of the leaking deposit and allow the well to be sealed.

However, if this does not work the way the experts believe it should work this disaster will be beyond presently imagined proportions.  In such a case the Atlantic will be at risk.  But beyond the limits of ocean tides this toxic brew will affect human health for decades to come, keeping in mind that the leaking oil is nothing less than poison to all life forms on this planet.

Consequently this is more than just a worrying situation, it is an international emergency which requires immediate attention and resolve to limit the extent of the disaster.

Let’s not be naive, the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is already a catastrophy and if an effective method is not found very soon to stop the flow of oil into the gulf there are no words to describe the potential consequences.

The oil experts agree that the leaking deposit is under intense pressure, which many feel may have been the cause of the problem from the start.  But there is no mechanical pressure being applied to the oil deposit.  A small drill hole was bored 2200 feet into the sea bed to reach the deposit and when the deposit was punctured by the drill; gas and oil was forced up the pipe to the drill rig at sea level, some 5,000 feet above the sea bed.

Here at Gravity Control we deal with issues concerning gravity and it is our contention that the internal gravity of the earth is inversely proportional to the gravity affecting the external portion of the planet.

This provides a balanced condition whereby the earth remains structurally stable.  Gravity increases from the core to the surface just as it increase from space to the surface.

If we dig an open hole in the earth’s surface the external dynamics of the planet are simply extended inward, but in the case of this small drill hole encountering a liquid and gaseous mixture the internal dynamics are extended up the pipe whereby driving the gas and oil to the surface of the sea bed.  And as long as the hole remains filled by gas and oil the flow will continue to the surface of the sea bed.

Hoping to plug the hole with golf balls, rope and mud may not work as the upward gravitational acceleration is equal to the gravitational acceleration in the external portion of the planet.

The 2200 foot hole represents a significant distance in terms of gravitational acceleration, which can be visualized being proportional to a drop from 2200 feet above the earth’s surface.

If BP is faced with the task of working against gravity to plug the leak existing plan B, C, D, E, F and G might not work as antisipated.

We can only hope and pray that a solution can be found.

It is likely the two new drill holes will in fact intersect the existing drill hole, but will this make things better or worse?  I do not believe anyone knows the answer to that very important question.

If this leak keeps pouring oil at the rates suggested until August and then increases due to the existence of 3 holes instead of just one there will be no known method by which to stop the leak until the deposit runs close to dry.

This is a critical situation for all of us, it has to be stopped.

Perhaps this is not the best time to suggest alternate energy sources, but alternate energy has been available for a long time.  To date the oil cartel runs the show, due to the existing power of money.  But what has money to do with it when the environment and the planet’s life sustaining ecology is being threatened by a very real and present danger.

I think it’s time for an alternate Plan B to be put into action, we don’t need oil as much as we need an environment capable of sustaining life on our planet and right now it’s the only one we have.

Finding someone to blame for the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is of little consequence if we can’t find a method by which to stop the flow of oil into the gulf.

Attempting to plug a leak 5,000 feet beneath the sea is not an easy task at the best of times and this certainly is not the best of times.

I hope and pray we can find a way.

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