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New Energy (the simple approach)

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New energy promises many things, not the least of which is a clean and efficient method of producing electricity.

Water driven turbines already do exactly that, but water power is not available in many parts of the world or there is insufficient water power to provide for the demand of electricity.

Many methods have been investigated and some have proven somewhat successful, but still fall short of providing for the worlds energy needs.

The idea of taping into the aether field is a new energy dream, but few seem to realize that all events, actions, reactions, form and structure are initially driven by aether energy without which there would be no universe.

We view actions and reactions seemingly through a mirror whereby we see or view the universe back to front or simply put; ass backwards.

If new energy is to be successfully developed we have to know exactly what energy is in respect to how energy affects the form and function of all physical structure.

The idea of a mechanical devise providing electrical power over shadows the source of electricity.

There is nothing mechanical about the universe, the earth, moon or sun and each system has its own power source.

Electricity is a dynamic response to a differential in the underlying energy of the system involved.  This means a hydro electric plant on our planet takes advantage of a naturally occurring differential in this underlying energy.  Nothing too complicated about that.

But our planet earth also functions on the basis of an energy differential sustaining and perpetuating the earths form and function, which is in and of itself a dynamic system.

If we are to employ this underlying energy for our industrial and domestic power supply we must learn to modulate this aether energy in a controlled manner.

This takes us into a whole new realm which we may not have considered possible.

We have made up many rules over the years, one of which suggests that no new energy is created and no energy is destroyed, which may or may not be correct.  But one thing is certain, the underlying energy of universe is dynamic and continually increasing.

Therefore it would be impossible to run out of this naturally occurring energy.

Each and every system of universe represents an energy well where an inflow of energy is focused to the core and by designing and constructing a modular system we could provide for the worlds energy needs.

Not at all impossible, but to date given very little serious consideration.