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Van Allen Belts

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Here we have a newspaper article from 61 explaining a bit about the Van Allen Belts.

Geiger counters were sent aloft to measure the radiation levels within the belts which at first overwhelmed the instruments.

The next Geiger counters sent aloft were shielded in order that they would remain functional.

The conclusion was that the belts represented a huge obstacle to manned missions beyond the earth, unless of course we were going to launch such missions from the north or south pole.

It further states that some of the information concerning the belts remains secret and obviously it still does.

During the 50s and early 60s nuclear weapons were detonated within the inner Van Allen Belt which did considerable damage to the ozone layer and the belt itself, but did not effect the outer belt which provides the greater obstacle.

The radiation from these nuclear tests continues to circle the earth at high altitudes.

It would seem reasonable to ask how the Apollo Missions managed to avoid the hazards associated with the Van Allen Belts.

Some claim it only took an hour for the Astronauts to pass through the belts, but even a few minutes in the belts should have produced very serious consequences, as the craft were not shielded nor were the crews.

From this, plus much more, we are justified in asking if America did in fact land men on the moon?