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Water Car Update from Orion Project

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Release from The Orion Project
The project to acquire the Stan Meyer technical legacy is moving forward. Stan was perhaps the foremost inventor working with water-fuel technologies. From the 1980’s forward he was widely publicized for being able to run an automobile using only water as fuel. He achieved this by first fractionating the water into a mix of hydrogen and oxygen gas and then feeding this to the engine.

In 1998 Stan died suddenly, his work cut short. While many have tried to follow in Stan’s footsteps, none have been able to reproduce his extraordinary results. For ten years it appeared his work was lost.


In late 2007, The Orion Project was contacted. We were told that much of Stan’s original lab equipment, notebooks, computer records, and his infamous dune buggy had been held in storage.

In January 2008, Dr. Ted Loder went for a whirlwind visit to confirm that Stan’s “stuff” had apparently been held in storage for over a decade. Yes, indeed it had!

For the next 11 months TOP was in a competitive bidding process with interested parties from around the world. TOP also validated that the current owners of the technology were the legal, rightful heirs to the property.

In December, 2008 TOP ultimately succeeded in offering the winning bid to acquire Stan’s technology.

Since that time several colleagues who worked with Stan also found us. Some warned that within hours of Stan’s death, the most vital technical information had been “sanitized” – permanently confiscated and removed.

During all this time, the technology was held in secure storage in an undisclosed location.


TOP has just arranged for a detailed assessment visit to review and evaluate the integrity of Stan’s technology. We have assembled a team of Stan’s former colleagues who worked directly with him over the years. Within the next 60 days, our team will make a 3-day visit to examine Stan’s notes, lab equipment, computer records, and the dune buggy itself. Our mission for this trip is to determine if this important body of work remains intact or not.

If so, TOP will complete legal steps to finalize the agreement and move the items to a safe storage area.

If his technology has been “sanitized” – as validated by knowledgeable colleagues who worked directly with Stan – this represents an intentional act to suppress vitally important technology that could transform our world for the better. In either case, important news will emerge from this visit.

If our team determines the technology is intact and we take possession of it, immediately then, our two primary objectives will be:

Assemble a team of competent researchers skilled enough to work with the sophisticated technology Stan had developed. Stan’s technology has potential to power automobiles on water as the only fuel. Additionally, it might be applied for free-standing power generators, or many other applications to replace carbon based fuels. It involved very sophisticated electronics and mechanical systems.

Raise further funds to carry out this critically important research: Because “Brown’s Gas” ( the fuel mixture that Stan’s technology creates ) is highly explosive, a proper lab facility must be created to even begin the work. A proper staff must also be assembled and employed. Of course, all this takes funds.

So, our next step is to visit Stan’s technology with a skilled team and assess its integrity. We will issue a follow-up report following this visit. Please stay tuned!!

The above is a press release from The Orion Project.

Interestingly, Stan Meyer was not the only water car enthusiast to meet an untimely death. There was also Eugene Mallove and another water car enthusiast in Australia who died mysteriously. When you look back in history there are many strange incidents involving systems that didn’t involve internal combustion. The most famous name is probably Nikola Tesla who is the father of electricity as we use it today. When JP Morgan, Tesla’s backer, found out that the towers Tesla was building for radio, tv and private communications on a global scale also included free energy for everyone on the planet, he pulled the plug on funding. Although some claim that Nikola Tesla died of strange circumstances too, I believe it was from old age and a broken heart. As soon as he was declared dead in his hotel room, agents moved in and removed all of Tesla’s papers.

For Tesla, Mallove and so many more, and Meyer, The Orion Project offers hope that fewer people will get bumped off.

It is amazing that we appear to live in this enlightened society where war is bad and the good follow the path of peace. Let’s face it, my country right or wrong, is just wrong. If you believe
‘my country right or wrong’ then you believe that nothing is out of bounds and there are no rules. This is the attitude of the world today. Somewhere between the early 1900’s and now, we have lost the moral clause of simply being right and correct and proper and whoever is wrong admits it and apologizes.

Two out of the three names above and perhaps three indicate a situation beyond coincidence.

What is this force that wants to impede the flourishing of mankind? That the competition has to lower itself to resort to elimination of the new idea, the new thing and the people behind it, well, that’s just not in the rule book of the game of life, or more to the point, it shouldn’t be.
Killing off the competition is not exactly sporting.