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Antigravity Down

Unity Img Blog

Perhaps we could call this a Breaking News! story.

We have just been in touch with James Colmer of Destiny Pictures, director/producer of Antigravity – the movie, who had this to say.

“This film is being monitored and blocked at many levels by powers that do not wish Bruce Cathie’s research to become mainstream material. I had an email once saying that “Bruce and anyone who supports his work are monitored 24 hours a day by people higher than Halliburton, MI5 etc” and that if I wanted to succeed in my career that I should consider another project.”

We applaud Bruce Cathie and his untiring work which seems to interface nicely with David’s Unity theory.  And you, James Colmer.

Isn’t it amazing that the ‘powers that be’ are concerned that a fictional movie is somehow in conflict with some kind of classified black op project?

Why doesn’t everybody just come clean.  Then we can begin planning our vacations to the stars.

As James Colmer said, ‘we’ll get there’.

And a big hi to all our 24 hour monitors.