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The Water Car

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This link
is the announcement of the new water car from Japan.

Previous to the above announcement, Eugene Mallove, drove the streets of America in his car that ran on H2O. He was found bludgeoned to death in his own driveway. There was also an Australian who had simultaneously built his water car. He also died. Another gentleman in the Philippines has a car that runs on water too, who says he cannot patent his process because ‘that would be going over the head of our master’. At last report he continues to drive the streets of Manila.

The process by which the water car operates sounds like a winner. You pour water into the tank. This causes electrolysis of the water which separates into its two components of oxygen and hydrogen and brings them together at the flash point. And the point of this vehicle over others is that it’s totally electric and doesn’t run on gasoline, doesn’t need a battery and doesn’t need plugging in at night. You just add water (or Japanese tea is reported to work in the link above).
And go!